Age 22 – Now I smile, but biggest improvement is with women

Hey there guys. I’m 22 years old, and after 7 years of pmo I’m giving it up for life. Ive had 2 streaks before this 24 days and 26 days. I reset today and I am giving it my all to make that the last reset of my life.

Since starting nofap I have been working out daily. I went from being somewhat chubby to having a defined body and abs (not quite a six pack yet but almost!) In just a month and a half. I feel better than I ever have before and have never been in better shape. Ive also gained a lot of confidence (and I was already really confident) and I can go all day working at the drive thru and not even get a little irritated, where as I used to get angry at disrespectful customers and yell at rude people. Now I smile and tell them to have a good day because I genuinely hope that their interaction with me will brighten up their day.

I started reading books. My psychology professor actually came by my work and dropped off a bag full of books (mainly pretty dense information filled books) and I’m already through some of them. I actually enjoy reading them and love the fact that I’m also learning. I feel like when I used to pmo I would hate reading anything. Along with reading going up, Facebook use has went down. I actually deleted the Facebook app from my phone as well.

The biggest overall improvement is with women though. I have never had a problem scoring the hottest girl in the room. But now I feel like its the hottest girl in the room trying to score with me. A beautiful girl at the gym that sees me everyday could not keep her eyes off me the other day, so much so that my friends I was working out with commented on it saying they were jealous I was blatantly pulling chicks.

Hands down no fap is the best choice you can make. I’m going to take this challenge on for a life time, and nothing, not even myself is going to stop me.

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