Age 22 – Quitting PMO changed my life

If you wanna get active, be motivated and most importantly want this state to last then I suggest you stop masturbating.

Since my early teens I was an avid masturbator. Like most guys I used it as a stress reliever and to ease frustration whenever I had trouble in school or with the other kids.

So good so far you might say. But that’s not the whole story. While masturbation, coming to climax and the feel of relaxation afterwards made were good for relieving steam it also let me ignore my problems, and made me generally unmotivated to do something with my life.

It took me until I was 22 years old, unhappy, no girlfriend, no friends, having the feeling of not having achieved anything of importance in my life.

I always had had the feeling that behind me not having the motivation to do anything with my life, sitting in front of the pc all day, playing xbox was some deeper psychological issue. Let me tell you something: That issue I didn’t really find out until this day, could be this could be that. Childhood, parents, trouble with school, traumatizing events, you name it. Probably all of it. But what I know is how it manifested. Call it the symptom if you like. It was masturbating.

Whenever shit would get real and me having to get up and get out there I’d rather sitting front of my computer screen and rub one out. Giving me instant gratification, something I just couldn’t find in the world out there.

So one day I decide to stop all this and not masturbate. I was 22 and had enough of me not having a girlfriend, sucking in college, not having any friends,… The first time I went for 4 days. Was the hardest four days of my life. But something was different.

Then after a few tries, I was able to go for 2 weeks without masturbation. After day 6 or 7 I felt AMAZING, ENERGIZED…HORNY. But I failed after 14 days. I repeated this cycle for a few months until in summer I went 4 months without masturbation. And it was the fucking best time of my life.

I was horny all day and all night, ready to conquer the world in a second. I felt like I could do anything. Always had the urge to do stuff. Talk to girls, do sports, work out, get better grades, read books, goes on and on. Problems became obstacles, things I had to do became priorities. I no longer needed to do better grades or get stuff done I WANTED to. I eventually got a girlfriend. I was at my prime. But…I started fixing again, as soon as I was having Sex. Now I don’t say Sex is something bad. It’s probably one of the best things in the world. But I just wasn’t prepared for it. So as soon as I had an ejaculation again I wanted more and more of it and started masturbating again.

Let me tell you something: Having sex with a girl and masturbation is something completely different. While the first thing is good for you and generally has no effect on your level of motivation, masturbation just wears you out and makes you a lazy fuck.

So take my advice and at least try it for 14 days. From then on you kind of get used to it and it get’s easier. Try to find a partner and have normal healthy sex and when you notice a difference you’ll know what I was talking about.

Long story short:

Edit: Question came what I replaced the hole with, not-masturbating left in my life:

I replaced it with fucking life. Instead of instant gratifying myself by cumming in my hand I actually had to do go out and do fun things to get the same rush. Read the links I provided and you’ll understand why when you masturbate compulsively you’re virtually unable to enjoy normal things in life.

I’m talking about challenges, sports, women, working towards a goal, all the good stuff a person should be able to enjoy. After say 10 days of not ejaculating you actually LIKE working on a project, be it your career or your body or whatever.

I don’t know how to describe it but it’s like your body wants to get the dopamine rush from an orgasm so bad, but since you deny yourself the orgasm, your mind has to constantly find other ways to get you this feeling.

LINK – Stop Masturbating – The single most powerful tool to get motivated

by ohropax