Age 22 – Suffered from depression, ADHD, anxiety: need my meds less and less, feel better/happier

First off… the fan in my computer broke yesterday so this is all being done on a very old phone that I didn’t even think could get on reddit. That being said there is no spell check so yeah.. disclaimer

Alright where do I beginning, in a way I feel like I’m giving a parting speech but it is really only the beginning.

The past 90 days have been very interesting and rewarding to day the least, I broke up with someone in January and a few weeks ago got another gf. So needless to say my confidence is way up as my average moppyness from such things usually means I go a year between girls.

As someone who has suffered from depression and anxiety, I found I need my anxiety meds less and less and overall feel better/happier with myself. In short I think this really helped me in ways I didn’t expect.

The important things: I want this to be the kind of post that gives some of the new/recent comers (pun intended) and those struggling something to help them or learn from. So let me just outline a few things I’ve learned from being here the last new months.

1) Not fapping can give you superpowers. BUT it doesn’t have to and many (especially women from what I’ve read here) won’t feel them, at the same time even if it doesn’t give you those superpowers it removes your kryptonite, you might not be a more amazing you… but you will be more you than you have felt in a long time.

2) Just like when you a lake is drained and you see all the filth and deposite from years and years, nofap might make you angry sometimes, it might make you upset or a variety of other things… BUT the only way to clean it, and make it better is by exposing all of that so that it can be dealt with. Fappy might be an escape for some or just a pass time for others, but if you want to grow as a person and learn about yourself, this is one of the ways to do it. This doesn’t have to be your way, but it is a way, least you can do is try it out.

3) Fapstronaut is really fun to say and a great way to break the ice with your friends if you can’t figure out a way to tell them (if you want to tell them at all that is).


4) Self respect is something that everyone can always use more of, this is honestly one of the ways I found to help me build that. My body became more to me over the last 90 days of not fapping than it did over 8 years of constant fapping.

So in closing, I found what I was looking for here. Some self-confidence a little bit more self respect and a good amount of personal wisdom to boot… I proved to myself that this is a habit I can control if I want to and have. =)

And to think this all became a thing because of a simple click on the random subreddit button one night in early January. So stay strong fellow fapstronauts, stay strong.

LINK – My 90-day Report!!

by IveDoneCrazierThings


EARLIER POST – Almost at the 50% mark! (Status Report)

Well, I am almost at 50% here. Like all other posts on this site, the first few days were really hard, and then it is all about keeping away from your triggers. I think what is making me most proud about myself right now is that I did it on my first try, oh yeah my skin was itching the first day or two… but it was worth it.

What has it done for me so far you might ask…? So far, I had the balls to end a relationship that was based on nothing but physicality. Without even knowing it I attracted a girl that I have had a crush on for a few months now, and we have meet up to talk and do homework every day this week, including weekends (yes we are both kinda nerds, lol, homework on the weekends). My ex is trying to get get me back. What I originally thought was ADD was made significantly better by NoFap, just because I think it equaled me out.

…And like most of you, this is coming from a guy who gets chest pain from anxiety when he hears his name called by the professors in class. Most, if not all of this was at least in someway influenced by NoFap and its community as a whole. I can honestly say I love all you guys (and gals for that matter 😉 ).

So thank you all, and I hope to keep reading, and keep getting inspiration with each passing day.