Age 22 – There’s honestly too much to write about, but I’ve become a new man

So 90 days ago I discovered NoFap in an attempt to quit porn and get rid of my PIED. 90 days later and I have successfully reached my goals.

There’s honestly too much to write about, but I’ve become a new man. Confidence is higher than its ever been, especially around women. Less anxiety, better looking. I’ve started dating. Not watching porn is brilliant.

You would have to know me to see the changes but everyone I know has noticed them. It really does work, and stick with it because its so worth it.

I might have a wank a week from now on. I’m 22 years old but from today I am born again.

Everyone I know thinks NoFap is weird but who actually cares haha. Dont shy away from telling your friends about it, I think its actually healthy for your principles if you stick with something you believe in. If they make fun of you, sticking by it will earn you respect, as it has me.

I knew 90 days ago I would get here, as big headed as that sounds. But its because I really wanted to change, I wasn’t happy with who I was. If you can do this, you can do anything.

LINK – It wasn’t even hard! (pun definitely intended)

by gunnerboyg


UPDATE – Learn from my mistakes, trust your body!

So I did the 90 day challenge first try, and it was about day 80 that I came out of a very long flatline. I felt more alive than ever, completed the challenge and felt like a king. Day 91, I thought ‘well, I must be cured, im getting erections all the time and feel really energetic’.

So, day 91, what did I do? I had a wank. BAM straight back into another flatline. 3 Days later I failed to get an erection with the girl Ive been dating for 3 months and hadnt slept with yet. In fact, it would have been losing my virginity. But no, that wank fucked me up BIG TIME. 2-3 weeks later and Im starting to feel horny again, but Im edging.

So here it is, im resetting my badge and going hard mode for as long as I can. When I edge I will reset.

My point is that even when you think your cured, keep going, and let the next time you orgasm be with a woman! (or man if your homosexual).

p.s. Ive subsequently blown my chance with that girl, which is more inspiration for me to do hardmode and fully reboot.