Age 23 – 1 Year Report: I was a nice kid who was lost without knowing it


I’m 23 and started Nofap 2 years ago, although it took me the first full year to finally stop making excuses—I would relapse at every turn because I’d find ways to justify doing so. I’d even be looking at porn and thinking “it’s alright, I didn’t fap so my streak is still intact, it’s all good”. Bro, you’re not cheating anyone, don’t measure progress on numbers.

You’re only hurting yourself and the streak is nothing more than a bread crumb trail back to your past life. You want to continue getting further and further away from that life, that weakened version of you. Fueling that flame at all will just begin to put cracks in your progress. One post I saw likened a relapse to stepping on a broken leg—doesn’t destroy your healing completely, but it’ll start to open up those wounds again. I have never edged, but for anybody who rationalizes that, go ahead and reset your streak immediately because it’s like an alcoholic sipping but not getting wasted.

So around 10 months into this streak I finally learned something I wish I knew all along—that Nofap will be your baseline for success and progressive improvement, but from there it’s in your hands to shape the life you want. If you think there’s a magic streak number 90 😉 at which point you’ll “win” and life will be awesome, stop it right now—that day never comes. Superpowers don’t just drop in like an amazon package. You gotta channel that Nofap energy and put it into activities and comfort zone-bending situations to really reap the fruits of what this is all about. Implementing a few small positive changes a day will remarkably open doors for you, and the future will write itself.

I find myself so much less in my own head and far more present, really laughing at things and feeling this heavenly sense of connection with the world around me. This all imparts a sense of confidence and self love that I feel like is the paramount reason to stay disciplined to this life-changing journey. The world is so much richer, people far more dynamic and interesting, social situations more inviting. I have an increased consciousness of mortality and choose to live openly and honestly. Nervous to talk to that girl? Fuck that, go over, look into her eyes and show you who you really are. We need to start living.

For me, a lot of this was a rollercoaster. It was generally headed upward, but there were snags throughout. If you’re like me, pmo is the first place your mind will turn to when it’s getting rocked by some downs—make sure you have some way to remind yourself to not fucking do it during these times, you’ll thank yourself later. Over time it all leveled off and became consistently good, where I got used to feeling clear-minded every day. I find myself fueled now by achievement, conversation, creativity and knowledge. Opportunity of the present moment empowers me more than ever.

Aside from confidence, the other biggest change is control of impulses. The PMO trained brain is all about acting on impulse. That is a form of psychological slavery and really depletes a person’s power and self control. It can even bleed out into bad eating, lack of exercise, lack of focus, bad grades/work etc. I’ve regained a sensible control over all other areas of my life, which usually leads to a far greater frequency of healthy choices because you actually use your brain to weigh consequences for a minute. This “superpower” really ripples out and affects the majority of your daily life, while refocusing your energy to productivity.

Suddenly, past mistakes and disillusions have trickled to my conscious surface like buried sediment. I now understand my very confusing judgements of my teenage years, they’ve faded back like clues and have formed a picture as to who I was and where I went in those years of PMO. I’d compulsively lie, hook up with substance-less, insecure sluts. You know why? Because they reminded me of porn stars. Tell me that’s not proof this shit deludes your perception of women. I was a nice kid who was lost without knowing it. But I’ve finally landed and am back in control for the first time in eons. This side of the universe is far brighter my friends, the clearer my life picture gets, the greater my feelings of strength and peace. It empowers me to write a balanced and colorful future.

I now look at who I was, the secrets I’d keep, the realities I’d run away from. “If I was a decent girl, would I date me”? There’s no way I could have said yes to that during that time, as I was a weak boy scared of life and certainly was in no position to care for a delicate, worthwhile female. This question sparks a light to follow home, toward what you need to change, to the real you. Build yourself into someone who could answer that question with a wildly enthusiastic “Yes!!!!”

Nofap has your back and will be your bedrock behind all your other healthy, daring and vulnerable decisions. I now look in the mirror not at some superpowered perfect man, but at a flawed, vulnerable and disciplined man who stayed true and accomplished a mission. And that is what builds character, teaching me so many universally applicable lessons along the way, setting me up with the right tools to go out and accomplish many more missions and challenges. You’re going to have to realize that it’s still up to you to get up, push on and stop making excuses. There’s a great life waiting to be lived, and the best version of you is waiting to be freed.

I endorse and am proud of everybody here, and thank you for helping me get this far.

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by Kipflip2