Age 23 – 2 separate reboots: 100 days & 200 days

I’ve always been a shy guy that doesn’t talk much and throughout elementary school to high school, I never had that much friends and people didn’t like me that much. When it was the time to pick which college to go, I picked the one that I was sure I would never those awful people ever again and start a new life. It worked!

I became much more outgoing and made alot of new friends. But there was that girl problem. I never had a girlfriend before and I was still a virgin. There was this one girl that I feel in love with and I though she was THE one until she broke my heart when I saw she liked my friend way more. I never told her about it but I guess it’s better this way.

I still wanted to fix this girl problem. One day, I discovered on the internet this hole thing called ”Pick-up Artist”. I know to some people, pick-up artists is something to be hated but I think that’s because people outside of it has only seen the bad men with bad intentions. When you go into it with a kind heart, you will come out as a winner. I spent 3 years in that seduction community. Well, part-time anyway with school and my dead-end job. I won’t go into all the details about it but I learned quite a few things during my time. I was able to start dating and have my first girlfriend but it lasted for about 5 months. I wasn’t happy with her. I was with her because I just wanted a girlfriend but I didn’t know the implications of being in a relationship with her. After I broke up with her, I stayed in that PUA thing longer so I could learn more. My dating life got way better!

About one year ago, someone on Facebook posted that Gary Wilson Ted-x talk. When I saw that video, I knew that that was one of my biggest problem for a very long time. I have been masturbating ever since I was 13 years old. I’ve only discovered internet porn about 2 or 3 years ago since I got my very own laptop in my room, weird huh? Before that, I was doing it with my imagination and on regular movies. NOT porn but real movies that featured naked women in them and I would watch it on my TV in my room. I was masturbating twice every single day until I got into pickup. I started to masturbate 2 to 3 times a week because some pua said that it give you more sexual energy to meet girls (or something like that). But it did happen that I would break out of that habit and do it every day. What Gary Wilson and those testimonials that I’ve read made sense to me to I decided to go cold turkey on masturbation.

On my first try, I’ve lasted 100 days! Incredible! And I didn’t have to install any anti-porn software on my computer. With sheer willpower, I made it 100 days.  Every time I got close to do it, I just denied that urge because I felt it was best to to do so. I was able to see the differences it made to me. I went through all the usual phases like ridiculously high libido, short depression, flat line  and then feeling good about myself. My mind got much clearer, got more confidence, got much better grades at school, saw girls in a new light and I saw a new horizon ahead of me. I knew what I wanted to do with my life.

Then, one unfortunate night, I started masturbating on porn again. for about 3 months, I got into this downward spiral of porn addiction again I tried to stop again but I couldn’t.

One day, I was attending a pua workshop and the instructor said something that really stuck with me. ”Never forget who you truly are.” is what he said. By the end of my 100 day, I was able to see who I truly am. So, on June 7th 2013, I decided to start that challenge again for up to 200 days. And I did it. I guess it was easier the second time because I didn’t get the symptoms I got the first time. I still didn’t need an anti-porn software because I made it all that way through sheer willpower again. I still don’t have a girlfriend but I think I’m soon going to get there.

Today, on Christmas, it it my 201 day and I can see where my life road is taking me. Thank you to the kind people here for helping each other.

Happy Holidays.

LINK Age 23, 201 days later.

by Quebecguy