Age 23 – 30 tries to reach 90 days: more confident, boss says “I like the new you”

I finally did it! 90 whole freaking days! I want to first start by thanking everyone who participates in this subreddit. You all have definitely made it easier!

This wasn’t easy! I failed about 30 times trying to get here. My longest streak before this one being 32 days. After I relapsed that 32 days, I went into a hardcore binge for a few weeks, maybe last 2 days tops. I started to not care about nofap. Then the semester started and I wanted to devote more time to school and making sure I got those A’s I wanted. I stopped completely again. This time on hardmode as I lost my previous girlfriend (nothing due to my PMO. It just wasn’t a relationship that worked)

Anyway, the first 2 weeks were easy, and then it got hard. Really hard. I luckily had been working out and was in decent shape. However, after those 2 weeks, I signed up for a Tough Mudder for in October. I started the couch 2 5k program and started devoting 4 days a week to the gym. As soon as I started that, it became almost everything about me. My life was work, school, and the gym. I had no time for fapping. That made it immensely easy to ignore my urges.

A few things I noticed too were how much more confident I became. I started to make my own decisions at work and back up why. My boss said multiple times to me, “I like this new ‘you'”. That always felt incredible. I also notice when girls check me out. It happens a lot more than I thought. I was just more aware.

Still no girlfriend yet, I hope to change that next year. I blame my work, school, gym life on that more than my past PMO life. I rarely have free time. HOWEVER! Talking to people is EASY! I talk to a lot of people just for the hell of it now. I smile more, am not afraid to speak my thoughts, and I think people genuinely enjoy my company more.

I haven’t had any magical powers come to me like some people say. But I do feel like I have more power to control me. Which is amazing, because I feel like whatever my life becomes, it’ll be because I chose it, and not because my bosses or other influences have pushed me there.

To those who are still struggling, my advice is, every time you get knocked off the horse, get right back on and ride it for a little longer. Good luck to you all!

I’ll be happy to answer any and all questions.

LINK – My 90 day report on hardmode. (hopefully some inspiration)

by CoffeeScentedUrine