Age 23 – 300 days: My tastes now are much more vanilla & straight forward

300 days in to porn free and I’m in a completely different brain state. For a while I have been unsure whether my sexuality influenced the type of porn I looked for, or whether the porn use was influencing my sexual feelings away from porn.

Over the past few weeks, it’s becoming clear that it was indeed the porn that was influencing me in my sexual feelings elsewhere. I suspect perhaps my brain interpreted parts of ‘real life’ as porn, triggering the signals to release dopamine, as and when I saw someone or a situation that met my porn consumption criteria.

This gives me great hope, and it’s calming to know that my tastes now are much more vanilla and straight forward. I’ve known for a while how powerful porn is, and that it’s consumption will usually result in a dependency. I’m quite suprised at it’s ability to change my sexuality and preferences though.

Good luck all. Keep making big changes in your life, and you’ll get there. Don’t get downhearted by seeing all the relapses on here, most of the guys who aren’t relapsing are just getting on with their life, and they aren’t posting here, they do exist.

LINK – Did porn warp my sexuality?

by Darwinsbrother