Age 23 – 405 days: So much confidence, can socialize with ease, sensitivty & respect towards women

To my nofap brothers, man, it’s been 405 days since the last day PMO’ed and yes I am going hardmode, What a journey! I came across nofap and I convinced one of my best friends that we should make a deal to see how long we can go without PMO.

It started off as a bet and it turns out my friend was going a week longer than I was and he was a PMO addict so it motivated me to go even longer.

Gradually we noticed huge changes within ourselves, I would say about 2-3 weeks after. My self-confidence went way up, like soaring. Now this doesn’t mean I had mad game with women to the point where I would call myself a playboy, although I did make HUGE gains. For example, I no longer felt needy to text a girl I just met or come off persistent or desperate. Trust me when I say this, girls can smell desperation from a mile away doesn’t matter if you’re James Franco or Lorde’s boyfriend.

As I gained self-control and self-discipline through resisting to fap, I also gained self-discipline and self-control with everything in my life ( school, friends, and for most guys most importantly, women). One thing I have learned is that girls find it super sexy when a guy just doesn’t give a F***. You don’t have to be a douche, just don’t come off needy and emotionally reliant on a girl.

I even started to not even hold back on the first thing that pops into my mind when I’m talking to a girl, I was openly sexual but not in a creepy way, and they loved every minute of it! I became super smooth its kind of hard to explain.

Now how am I going on hardmode? I have my own reasons but I am waiting for the right person. Judge me all you want I don’t really care. Nofap made me realize intimacy isn’t just about getting it in, anyone can do that.

I notice since nofap I have gained a form of sensitivity and respect towards women. I think because of Porn and all the fake stuff you see in it, it makes you look at the beauty of a women and nothing else. Now I pick up on others things like the scent of a girl and, this is gonna sound kind of LAME, but the butterflies you get when you’re around a girl you like back in the day, it all came back to me. A rush of emotions.

I notice now I can have a ongoing conversation with about anyone, regardless of their age/sex.

I notice my thoughts are not that cloudy and I am a student so even my GPA went up.

I can concentrate for longer periods of time and I am MUCH more comfortable in social situations and I am much more talkative. I used to be afraid to show my awesome self around people now it comes out so naturally its honestly amazing. Before I used to be afraid of going to places around people I don’t know, now. I Wasn’t anti-social it was just that I felt awkward. Now I have made new groups of friends, and a calm wave of positive energy, my life will never be the same.

It helped that my buddy was suffering with me, honestly speaking the first few weeks to a few months were difficult and we suffered together but we kept each other going, but honestly once you pass about 2-3 months you don’t even feel the need to.

Brothers of Nofap, I am telling you if you’re still deciding if you want to do it or not it is up to you but man I regret doing it. I started when I was about in grade 5 and I wish I could go back and time and beat the sh** out of my 12 year old self. I feel like I missed out on a lot of stuff but I guess everything happens for a reason.

Hopefully my story will inspire even one person to consider it and start living life. Now it took me forever to post this because I’m out there living in the world and sh**, but I will try my best to do another update in a few months.

P.S. Going to the gym helps a lot. I didn’t get into too much detail about other aspects of my life so if you have any questions comment below or send me a PM.

LINK – 405 days BEAST MODE

By zaid1414