Age 23 – 5 tries to get to 90 days, lots of benefits

I don’t think I’m completely rebooted just yet, but my urges are almost nonexistent. This took me around 5 tries to get to 90 days. Before when I PMO, I would do it around 2 times a day, sometimes 3.

I started PMO at around 14 years of age and now I’m 23. I had girlfriends and what not. But around the age of 19, I started to get really shy and nervous around people. Always stayed at home, never went out. Played video games all day and go to bed at 3am and wake around 2pm. I was depressed as fuck and had a horrible diet. I use to have the worst acne.

At the end of 2012 I started to take control of my life. I cleaned up my diet to a plantbased diet and healed my acne completely through that. Still though after that I was still shy in public. So around June this year I found nofap. I started experimenting with it and noticed how much better I felt.

Wasn’t depressed or really that shy around people. So 90 days ago I decided enough is enough. After having 5 relaspes, I got really distraught yet motivated at the same time. The first week was pretty easy for me. At around day 19 I started to feel invincible. Was talking to people easily and keeping great eye contact.

There was this girl I really liked where I work at. Now before nofap, I’d been too scared to ask her out but now I wasn’t. I got her flowers for her birthday and she loved them. I asked her out a couple days later and she denied. I was a little bummed but I felt so good that I finally did something about it.

Around day 60 though I started getting stressed out easily. I began getting urges. Strong ones at that But they only happened at night. I did look at explicit material one night for as few seconds and it made me feel disgusted and I instantly clicked off of it.

But my so called “superpowers” are:

  • I have more confidence,
  • I have a deeper stronger voice,
  • better skin,
  • more energy,
  • and I sleep amazing now. Go to bed around 8 and wake up at 5 every morning.
  • I’ve gave up video games and now read a lot. Actually studying to become an herbalist.

Still got a long road ahead of me but I’m ready for whatever it brings. Just believe in yourself and anything can happen.

LINK – 90 days

by Wolfynesss


UPDATE – I’ve really gotten my life together thanks to NoFap

So I’ve been doing NoFap now for little over a year now. Best streak I’ve had is 4 months and I’ve had multiple 20-30 day streaks. Now before NoFap I was depressed, played video games for hours on end, working at a dead end job that barely paid jackshit. I would stay up all night and sleep all day sometimes till 5 in the fucking evening. Sit on the computer all day and jack off. I never wanted to change anything, I was just content with life.

Now fast foward a year later, I quit playing video games about 9 months now and sold my PS4 and used that money to buy books and clothes. When I started NoFap, my interest in video games just died. Not saying they’re bad for you if played in moderation, but for me I just completely lost interest in them. I never read a lot but now I LOVE reading.

The past 6 months I’ve read 45 books. About a week ago I got a new job. A job that I really enjoy and pays triple what my old job paid and the people I work with are great. I use to have really bad acne and I cleaned up my diet by going on a plantbased whole foods diet and my skin has cleared up SO much and makes me so happy!

I now enjoy being out more in nature and public than being inside. I was always anti-social some but I have really stepped out of my comfort zone and have pushed myself to a degree to talk to people.

Where I use to work there was a girl there I really liked and finally got the balls to ask her out. She said no, but I was super proud of myself that I asked her out cause the old me that use to fap all day would have never of done that. And that gave me the confidence to ask out other girls. NoFap is for real.

There aren’t superpowers. It’s just when you stop beating it all day, your true self comes back and you have the capability to do whatever you want. There’s no limit to life. No, I haven’t beat this addiction yet but I’ve gone from fapping twice a day everyday to only fapping around 15 times in the past year!

Keep strong Fapstronauts!