Age 23 – 66 days, superpowers? You be the judge.

66 days in: these are not superpowers. You had these “superpowers” before fapping it away like porn was your kryptonite. I’m starting to see improvements after 66 days on:


*Improved skin/hair volume. (Cold showers)

*Deeper voice

*No more seminal leakage

*Wayyy more energy. I only need 5 hrs of sleep.


*Less fucks given (cold showers help with the mentality)

*Better at articulating my thoughts and sentences when speaking

*Calmer when speaking/interacting with women

*Noticing more eye contact from women. I’ve tested this by purposely avoiding eye contact and then quickly turning over and catch them either starring me down for 3 seconds or they glance away quickly. Either way, I win.

I’ve always been terrible at public speaking and suffered from panic attacks/brain fog when I was presenting projects in front of class. Stuttering and failing to memorize key points was a huge issue.

Today was the first time I’ve ever felt great about a job interview. I was confident and experienced no stuttering while answering questions and making direct eye contact with the interviewer like a BOSS. On the car ride home I turned up the “ratchet” music and got my gig on. no fucks were given to the cuties in the car next to me.

Its time guys and girls. Stop being who you hate and be the man you already are. Start by owning up to the wrong doings you’ve made. Quit fapping away in your dungeon. These changes are not immediate but in time you’ll see. Trust me its worth it. See you at 90 ladies and gents.

LINK – 66 days, superpowers? You be the judge.

by antifapforever