Age 23 – 90 days: ED is gone, I find myself flirting, I feel more introspective as a whole.

Month 1: I was as horny as I’d ever been since hitting puberty; random boners and a desire to rub one out for old time’s sake was very hard to shake. Oftentimes I couldn’t concentrate on my work because I wanted some relief. Regular exercise definitely helped with my excess energy. But the results came quickly.

RE: Superpowers. Well, I didn’t become a ninja, but I’d say after about 2-3 weeks I found myself more.. outgoing than usual. Especially with women. Normally I’m kind of reserved, but I found myself actively flirting with many women who I found attractive, but wouldn’t ever talk to before. I also made an effort to make and maintain eye contact with girls as we walk by each other. Lo and behold, girls DO get nervous and glance away if you can maintain eye contact with them. Feels great! I’ve turned it into a little game, actually. When I get on a bus, I try to “outdo” myself by making as much eye contact as possible before sitting down. Works wonders for your self esteem, in my opinion.

Month 2 The big slowdown. I must have hit a flatline somewhere around day 40 and I was a depressed, shell of a man. I felt as attractive as a lamp and I know I withdrew into my shell a bit. People that were setting me ablaze a week ago were no longer doing so and I felt like in general I wasn’t getting many boners at all. In fact, while soft I felt even smaller than normal, which didn’t help. Unknown if I was just psyching myself out, but the feeling was very real.

Superpowers: Around day ~55 or so I had sex! 3 times over the span of a night + morning. It was all about putting myself out there. My roommate’s female friend was staying over and she only has gay guy friends so I knew she was probably having a hard time in the lovin’ department. So after a few drinks at the bar, I found some courage to respond to her (at this point, obvious) attraction to me and when we got home I got the job done. No ED (a VERY big deal since I usually have this) and I only PE’d the first time because I hadn’t had sex since in months. The second and third time went well. I haven’t had sex since this, but I’m curious to see if I can now do this without some alcohol to lighten my nerves a bit.

Final month Things have been pretty slow this past month. I still feel outgoing, but I don’t get those random bouts of “i need to fuck anything that moves!” anymore. I’m thinking that may have been more of a habit caused by fapping than a true desire. I also had my first wet dream in…hell, years. That was a welcome sight, but I haven’t had any since. Other than that, I began forgetting that I’m on No Fap and I actually stopped checking the sub for a lil while. And that’s good! I would always check back for affirmation and advice when I struggled. But now I think I’m in a good place from here on out.

Superpowers: Same as before. Still more emboldened than usual. Probably a permanent thing now, which is great. Also I feel more introspective as a whole. I can now “feel” life’s ups and downs as opposed to running away from a problem and masking it with the short term high of fapping to progressively weirder and weirder things. The lows suck, but that’s what exercising is for. The highs feel GREAT and I am actually surprised that there was this whole dimension to life that I was ignoring. I hope to continue this far, far into the future.

Well that’s my wrap up. Let me know if I can be of any assistance. Stay strong out there, guys and girls!

LINK – And before I knew it, I hit 90 days

by Throwaway_ha



I did well over 90 days, decided to stop, now I can’t stop binging.

Holy crap, getting back on the wagon is difficult. I never thought that, given the willpower that I mustered to do 100 days previously, I’d struggle to start over.

The binge is real thing. The struggle is definitely as real as I felt from Day 1, months ago. I can see my bad habits starting to come back and it scares me a little.

Don’t do what I did. Keep staying strong.