Age 23 – Addiction is a puzzle, only you can solve in your own unique style

There is lot of stuff available in internet regarding how to beat addiction,and it can become overwhelming frankly speaking to go through technicalities of how one gets addicted,bla bla. But Finally i believe each one has to come up with his exact,fixed plan to tackle this. Few months back i read the book THE SLIGHT EDGE. It says “Life is all about doing 5 simple things daily,and you can become great.”. But these 5 things are so simple yet so hard to follow for say a span of not 1,2 but 20-30 years  that 99% of the people don’t really follow it. Lets take an example . I say openly here that if an individual does these 6 things daily(eg), chances of him/her succeeding in beating this  addiction will increase drastically.

1) Find a passion.(Don’t give excuse i don’t know what i want to do in life. That’s bullshit,pure bullshit and an excuse.) Devote yourself into you passion 24*7. For eg my passion is to become a manager one day,for which i want to go to a top B for this i all the time even in the bus,in the toilet,while bathing. think about Quant Questions,all the time. Now generally in bus i look at girls and nasty thought comes in,but when keep my fucking head down,and think about quant questions in head, trust me guys those shitty thoughts get reduced to almost 5 % which is a drastic improvement.And these shitty thoughts are major reason why one finds it hard to beat this shitty thing.Moreover each tough question getting solved gives me confidence,and i don’t feel sad,depressed or other shitty feelings which lead to masterbation.

At the end of the day instead of daily fantasizing about porn for 4-5 hours (even though i am not looking at porn or masterbating).I am solving questions thanks to my passion.This is a drastic and significant change which i know will play crucial part in beating this addiction.
Thinking about quant question will get wired in my brain,just like right now fantasizing is wired in my brain.

2) Exercise 5-6 days a week,for atleast 30 minutes. Get so fucking tired that if you open porn site,you should not have energy to fucking shake that thing.Literally get your self so fucking tired,that should not be able to move your body.I mean it.At that particular moment physically you might feel like you will fall anytime,but mentally you will feel so peaceful,so powerful,you will hold absolute control over that demon at the time when demon is generally at its menacing form.If you beat it there, then trust you will feel supremely confident.

3) Socialise and make friends or girl friend.(Sounds stupid but this greatly reduces the time we spend doing internet,and internet is linked to porn.Less internet usage ,less porn).I use to browse internet for hours and inevitably use to end up looking at porn,now i socialise a lot more. There were good old days when life was simple,air was clean,people had time to talk with each other and people were happy.Now we have gadgets,fast food,we are so busy that while doing sex people attend their calls.It is fucking important to slow down, to may be just go for a 10 kilometres walk/jogging and then just relax the entire day,doing NOTHING !! No music, no cellphone, whatsapp, facebook, twitter, no movies, no sitcoms, no snacks, no burgers, no pizza’s, no fantasizing, nothing. Just you and the air blowing by,and tranquility of the surrounding. We think we are relaxing, but i believe people have forgotten how to relax. Just fucking Relax in the most authentic manner without any superficial aid of any kid. Learn to live without any external simulation, titillation of any kind.

4) Find your hobbies and devote time in them.(Books,cycling,swimming, the list is endless.)

5) Eat Well,everyone has six pack abs residing under the fat that has covered our shitty stomach thanks to all the shit that prevails in market now a days.If you eat well you don’t even need to go gym for abs.they will automatically come !! yes. It is a myth that one needs to exercise for getting abs.One needs to burn fat,that’s all. and abs on your stomach will give you infinite confidence.likewise a slim,angled body with muscles can give you confidence.Really.

6) Do the thing you fear.One of the most inspiration scene for me is that from Batman,when he goes under the cave to fucking meet all the BATS,to eliminate the fear and from there he changes. When the deepest of the fears that lie inisde us get removed(fear of poverty,inferiority,fear of proposing a girl,feeling that you are inadequate or less intelligent than others,anything) then we become something else.I firmly believe in this.One should truly not fear anything,if he/she wants to do great.

Once you do these things,you will automatically start doing more positive things,because of the power of COMPOUNDING EFFECT.Just like when u binge on porn,u feel bad,and binge further,the same weakness can be used as advantage.When you feel good,you fucking do more good things,more good things and then suddenly you realise you are some different person.

Now These 5 things are simple,not costly,anybody and everybody can do these things,and doing these there is a great chance one might beat the addiction.The Question is can we do it for not 1,not 2,not 3 but for fucking entire life time ??? Because this my friends is a question of lifestyle change,a radical change in the way we live and we behave.

What i shared is my view point,obviously there might be a completely different path using which you can beat your addiction.You will have to think about your addiction as a logical problem that you need to solve.Think of your brain as your enemy which has fooled you infinite times.Think of it as a Game you need to win. So it’s Game On !! Guys, Common. Stay Aggressive, Attack it before it attacks you, by planning it minute details about all the possible times you expect the devil to attack. Think of your addiction as a LIVING ENTITY that you need to beat.Every time you loose,ask yourself “Do i need to change something,or m i on the right track,just more persistence and determination is needed.”

Get practical,don’t get fucking emotional every time you relapse,there is no point in it, don’t show any emotion when u relapse,none at all.If you react to loosing then you will end up binging further.If your plan was to fucking party tonight,and you binged,no problem,go attend the party,and after that you can again strategise !!

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by manish