Age 23 – Confidence way up, more caring & empathetic, women are more beautiful

I visit this subreddit daily to keep me motivated. Now I want to share my NoFap-experiences with you, to contribute to this awesome community.

My profile

  • 23 years old
  • introvert
  • virgin, no girl contact except for friendzone- or birthday-hugs
  • sometimes awkward as fuck at communicating

Before NoFap

I fapped daily to porn. Sometimes even more often. And the stuff I watched went into weird directions. I thought that I could not fall asleep without an orgasm, it was part of my daily routine. I felt miserable after reaching orgasms and cleaning all the stuff up. The smell of the jizz-tissues in my bin. Ugh. During my years as a teenager I wasn’t really interested in girls. I’d rather play video games all day long to escape reality.

Why did I start?

I started NoFap because of a YouTuber called goldjacketluke. He posted a video explaining the concept of NoFap and started his own NoFap-streak. I was impressed and thought to myself that I should join him and give it a try. Things could only get better, right?

My first NoFap experience

The day I saw his video I started NoFap. I planned on doing NoFap for as long as possible. I wanted to reach at least 1 week, but I was so motivated, that I reached 89 days of NoFap in my first attempt (no orgasm, no porn, but some touching and masturbation).

During that time I noticed that a few things changed:

  • My self-confidence rose significantly
  • I felt equal to others
  • I felt good about myself
  • I felt like a man
  • I gave less f*cks about unimportant stuff and focused on the big goals
  • I had a huge orgasm-like emission during a dream (no cum, but precum-like watery stuff. So much emission that I felt like I peed myself)
  • I noticed how beautiful every woman is. Not just the really hot ones, but also the type of girls I prior rated as unattractive.
  • I trained like an animal when doing sports
  • I talked to girls and strangers with more confidence and eye contact
  • I cared more about other people’s feelings
  • I was more chatty
  • I met a cute girl at an online dating platform

The girl was one of my top motivations to continue NoFap. We chatted every day for a whole month. Then we met. I can’t say if it was an awkward date, because I’m not very experienced in dating. We both had fun, so I think it wasn’t that bad. About a week later we had our second date and went ice skating. Again, we had fun. I could see it in her face that she enjoyed it. But somehow I could not escalate the situation. I wanted to hold her hands and start getting a little bit more romantic. But I couldn’t. It didn’t feel experienced enough. I was too scared to lose her by doing something wrong. And thereby I lost her. There was no third date. She must have thought that I’m not a man, but a boy who just wants to be friends.

After losing her I was really sad and fapped. “Useless NoFap, it doesn’t change anything” I told to myself.

Fapping again

It felt good. I had an orgasm so intense, that it almost hurt. Awesome. I continued the old pattern for a few days. Then my orgasms went back to normal and the bad feeling returned. So I started NoFap again. This time in hard mode.

My second (and current) NoFap run

  • Same super powers as mentioned before
  • I have this strong desire to improve my life in every aspect
  • I started playing the guitar, although quite a few people told me that I’m not the type of guy who plays a guitar. F*ck the haters and their opinion. I use them as an additional motivation.
  • I gave up playing video games entirely
  • I started taking cold showers. It’s an ideal way to improve self-control.
  • I want to be productive. Like a machine. Wasting time is not an option.


NoFap changed my life. I feel better than ever before and I honestly can’t imagine ever going back to fapping. It’s just no fun anymore. I can totally recommend it to everybody. However, you still have to keep in mind that you have to actively go after your goals. NoFap enables you to do that, but it can’t do it for you. So get out of your comfort zone. Talk to that cute girl. Buy that guitar. Do what you love. Be crazy. Become a better person. Take risks. And don’t make the mistake I did: Don’t be afraid to show affection.

Your biggest enemy is the enemy within. So rule your mind or it will rule you.


by marconcgnt


UPDATE – 90 Days Report – I mastered my mind

My specs

  • 23 years old
  • student
  • introvert
  • virgin

Confidence and calmness

  • I don’t worry about every problem that might occur.
  • I don’t get nervous when giving a presentation.
  • I say what’s on my mind.
  • I don’t care about what people think about me.
  • I can hold strong eye contact.
  • I learned to do small talk and I’m pretty good at it.
  • I’m no longer lost in perfectionism.
  • I’m not afraid of conflicts. If necessary I can criticize other people.

Sexual stuff and girls

  • The urge to fap has disappeared. It’s no longer an option for me.
  • 2 wet dreams during this streak.
  • Rock-hard morning wood. Everyday.
  • I love interacting with girls.
  • I notice girls noticing me.
  • I gave up online dating because it’s too superficial.
  • I can talk to girls without feeling awkward.
  • I have this feeling that I don’t “want” every girl. I got picky, lol.

Other personal development

  • I do lots of sports to release my power.
  • I enjoy cold showers. I really do. It makes me feel like a spartan warrior.
  • I play the guitar on a daily basis. It’s fun and I’m getting better rapidly.
  • I write down all of my daily thoughts in a diary. I do this every day in my bed before sleeping. No exceptions.
  • I started flossing regularly.

My personal highlights during the past 90 days

  • A girl told me that I was looking handsome in my new suit (3 other guys wearing suits right next to me and they got no attention, lol).
  • Got a random compliment by another girl for my awesome sweatshirt.
  • I had a job interview and was really confident and calm. No problem to hold strong eye contact and even do some small talk. I got the job.
  • A few days ago I looked in the mirror and was really impressed. That guy looked healthy. I could see it in my eyes that I’m fully alive and focused.
  • I disagreed with a so called alpha male in one of my courses because he was talking bullshit. I told him my opinion and left him speechless. Before no fap I would just think to myself “don’t mind him, he is wrong” but I would have said nothing out loud.
  • I got heavily criticized during a project meeting but I was not ashamed or felt shy. I hold strong eye contact and remained calm and professional. That guy seemed pretty confused that I had no problem looking at him all the time.

Any negative aspects?

  • I still think about sex and get horny when I see a nice cleavage or something like that. But that’s ok, as it’s natural and we all are programmed to reproduce our species.
  • I wonder if my confidence could somehow turn into arrogance. I guess I just need to get used to this new feeling of power.
  • I wonder if testicular cancer is an issue due to no fap.

Whats next?

  • No fap for 180 days.
  • I want to become even more confident.
  • I want to find the courage to ask out girls.
  • I want to lose my fear of escalating with girls (big trouble so far, see My first post for details).

Any tips for the community?

  • No edging. Serisously, don’t even think about it.
  • Improve your skills at holding eye contact. It’s a huge thing.
  • Start a diary and write down your small successes. Compliment yourself. It will keep you motivated.

Best of luck my friends.


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