Age 23 – Cured of Delayed Ejaculation

Over the last 115 days, I have been porn free and have fapped to completion three times. I started doing NoFap because of DE. I was with four women before this challenge, the first of which happened when I was 21, almost two years ago to date. I started fapping to porn regularly when I was 16. None of those four women were able to make me orgasm.

I could cum for them, but not by them.

Two nights ago, I went out on a second date with a girl I really like and, long story short, she ended up blowing me. After about 15 or 20 minutes of her stroke/blow work, during which I didn’t touch myself at all (I was busy touching her ), I came.

Four months into NoFap, and my DE is seemingly cured.

There’s a more detailed post about this in my journal (in my signature), as well as my whole NoFap challenge, including resisting urges, discovering self-improvement and pursuing real women

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