Age 23 – Day 45 report: I cured my delayed ejaculation

I think the title says it all but here is the story of my 1st nofap challenge.

I’m 23 years old, fairly successful in my life, had a few sex partners but never ever had an orgasm during sex till yesterday. (I guess I had retarded ejaculation not DE)

My addiction to PMO started when I was 14, first it was a weekly occasion but quickly changed into a daily. I got into more extreme types of P, and eventually reached a point where I couldn’t even O during M without P.

I started my sex life when I was 18 but it was a failure from the start. No matter what kind of sex or stimulation I got I didn’t get a slightest feeling in my penis. I had no problem keeping erection but after sometime I got bored and just stopped the act. After a couple of times not being able to O during sex I lost motivation to try pick up new girls, it didn’t seem to worth trying at all.

Most of my partners didn’t care about it, but the one that mattered did. Me not able to O translated in her that she can’t satisfy me and that created more and more problems, we broke up(for the last time) around day 14 of my nofap challenge.

I kept going after this ,because I knew I will not have a decent relationship if I can’t fix my problem. The 1st and 2nd week was not hard to complete, I was thinking of PMO at least every 5 minutes but I always found something to do. From the start of the 3rd week it got really hard I couldn’t even concentrate at work or when I played games. I met a new girl at the end of week 4 and the 2nd time we had sex I could O in a matter of minutes. I will not lie it was not my best O of my life but it was definitely the best feeling of my life. Now nofap is a lot easier that I saw the results and got my motivation back.

I can’t give you any great tips you haven’t already read here before. I also believe that you have to find your own ways to complete this challenge. The only thing that I can help you with is give you motivation that it’s possible to fix your brain. If I could do it so can you.

Maybe one tip, if you have similar problem like I did try to stay away from alcohol before sex, it really numbs you.

You may not gain “super powers” but I can promise you, you will have more time, more willpower to get out of bed in the morning and also more and more self confidence the further you go with nofap.

My goal with nofap was to cure my DE and I did(a lot faster than I expected), I will finish my 90 days here but will try to stay porn free for the rest of my life. I think that is the way.

I believe I owe this community as much as share my story like so many did before me, and they helped me a lot with my challenge. Good luck with yours!

LINK – Day 45 report, I cured my DE.

by Amstronaut