Age 23 – Deep bass voice, girls like being around me, better muscle tone


Mine isnt one where i get superhero strengths just because of Nofap. Nofap, has not made me some sex god or chick magnet that can blow the panties off of girls in a 1 mile radius. Nope, none of that. No such “girl approached me, was looking at me the whole time, giggles when im around her, wants to be with me” thing either. I’ll be extremely honest with you all.

The last 38 days have been difficult, yes. Controlling the urges, controlling myself, etc. And while the benefits ive seen arent exactly stellar, heres some of things that are 100% real, that i have noticed in myself.

The first one, my voice. Okay, i havent become a superbass. But the one thing i will say is, yes, my voice is definitely deeper, and overall more masculine compared to when i wasnt on Nofap(i seriously sounded like a young boy back then, now i sound like my own age i.e 23)

Secondly, confidence. I wont lie to you, ive never been a confident person. Never. I never like to be in the spotlight, i dont like people paying attention to me, i dont like talking to people, cause im just such a fucking low-confidence nut. But that is beginning to change. I want to talk to people more, i dont mind being in the spot light (narrated a story in front of 5 or 6 of my classmates just the day before, some of them were girls). Im more decisive. No more sitting on the fence, i know what i want. And i do it, like a male should do. Overall, ive become bolder, stronger and better.

Third, the so-called female attraction thing. Okay, i wont say girls are really attracted to me. But yes, since i can actually speak to them now, they like being around me. And they actually seem to enjoy having conversations with me, and damn this feeling is good.

Fourthly, i wont say i gained muscles cause Nofap isnt like some super-soldier serum that suddenly gives you the bad boys, but yes, DEFINITE improvement in muscle tone, i also feel stronger. And i dont even exercise that much.

5th, energy. Just all this energy ! Okay, im a lazy ass person. Normal days see me lying on my bed, feeling like a loser cause i dont have the energy to do much. Cant help around the house, have this irritating brain fog (overall, im someone that any responsible person would kick in the nuts). Neways, these last 38 days? Im almost always ready for any kind of physical activity. Infact, whenever an urge hits me, i simply get up, exit my room, walk around my compound. Even when im in my hostel, i just get out, go to friends room, sing with them at the top of my voice (and damn my voice is loud and powerful now). My friends seem to enjoy being around me now. And unlike earlier times, i dont just follow them around like some lost kitty. I DO stuff, and make them follow me at times. And just this feeling, is great.

The above five reasons are enough to make me quit fapping for good. I hope the same is true for all of my bros out here.

My reason for Nofap, if i am to be completely honest, was my sense of discipline. Masturbation is an enemy that i have been unable to defeat for ages. And when i did it, i never felt good, i felt miserable, like a loser that couldnt even control his own body. I relapsed so many times, and in the end i just got fed up of my weakness. I just decided that i was going be the boss from now on. Thats when i began my hard mode.

This isnt my first streak. Ive had many streaks of about 15 to 20 days. But i always ended up relapsing like a chicken-shit. But not this time.

Goodluck to ya’ll. Cheers !

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by Akashi1993