Age 23 – (ED) 6-month report

I started rebooting in march of this year. I had been having ED for 3 years and had no idea why. Did not know what was wrong with me and began to think that maybe I was gay. Then, thank god, I found yourbrainonporn. It made a lot of sense as I also suffered from social anxiety, low energy and difficulty concentrating. 6 months later Ive seen huge improvements. I have a new girlfriend (first one in 5 years) and have managed to have sex with her every time we’ve tried but once. But I still don’t think I’m out of the woods yet. I haven’t orgasmed yet during sex with her because I fear if I start orgasming regularly I will lose my libido again. I have seen minor improvements in social anxiety, energy levels and concentration but I still hope to see further improvements in these areas.


Age 23

– been watching porn since 14

– never had sex until reboot (tried many times but always failed)

– but did have contact with girls (everything but sex) prior to reboot

– started noticing ED at age 18

– had BAD ED by 20, couldn’t even get hard to extreme porn


– first three months I relapsed every week or two and went on porn binges

– months 4 and 5 I finally gave up porn but relapsed to masturbation without porn every two weeks or so

– was starting to see improvements in month 5 even tho my longest PMO streak was only 3 weeks (I think it was all starting to add up)

– Finally in month 6 I’ve put together a 40 day PMO free streak and Ive seen big improvements (managed to have sex with my gf on 4 out of 5 attempts and on the attempt that I failed I was drunk)

What helped me the most

1) I started to get the ball rolling when I switched to monk mode for a period of time. This is when you try not to think about any sex at all. I did this because when I thought of girls I was interested in it made me SO FRUSTRATED that I couldn’t have sex with them and this frustration led me to turn to porn. So for a period of time I tried to completely stop thinking of women and focused on other areas of my life (school, fitness, etc)

2) Getting off this website. At first I would go on this website and other porn addiction websites daily. For some people it may be helpful but for me it made it so I was always thinking about not looking at porn. I found it much easier to abstain from porn when I wasn’t constantly looking at websites like this and telling myself “you cant look at porn, you cant look at porn.” The more you fight it the more difficult it is

3) Cutting back on internet time in general

4) Therapy. This may seem a little extreme to some people but Ive started seeing a therapist and its been very helpful

Anyway, I’m not completely better but I have seen progress. Its very possible I will still encounter some difficulty but at least I’m moving in the right direction. I actually held off on writing a success story for a while for fear of “jinxing” my progress. But I’m not here to tell you that I am now superman and my life is perfect, I’m just here to tell you that when I watched porn I couldn’t get an erection during sex and now that Ive stopped watching porn, I can

Cheers Everybody!

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