Age 23 – ED: As the days go by, my performance exceeds what it ever has been

This painful, humiliating, emasculating experience pulled me out of the darkness. If it wasn’t for PIED, I might have spent my whole life fapping to pixels on a screen. I might have spent my whole life consuming this poison sold to men as entertainment. I might have spent my whole life hiding this little secret from the world. But now I’m done.

I have little to no desire to PMO. I can fight the urges. I see porn for what it is, and I recognize how my constant intake of porn re-calibrated my brain. I no longer have anything to hide.

What’s more, my PIED forced another person into my private little world. I’ve PMO’ed for something like ten years. My current (and longest) streak is the result of my inability to perform with my girlfriend, pure and simple. Once it happened, it was clear to both of us that something was up. So, feeling like I owed her an explanation, I came clean. I shared with her the private piece of myself I had painstakingly hidden from the world for a decade. She supported me without judgment, and the fact that I’ve gone hands-free is a turn on for her.

Confessing to her came with its own benefits. I felt a great sense of relief in sharing my secret with someone else. It also made me accountable to someone other than myself on this journey. The most important person in my life is now my NoFap cheerleader. Finally, my decision to be honest with her made her feel more comfortable being honest with me. Now we know it is safe to talk to each other about anything.

Since I quit, my performance has been restored to what it was. As the days go by, I notice my performance exceeding what it ever has been. And, in the end, PIED is at the core of my determination never to PMO again.

tl;dr: PIED made me stop fapping and made me accountable to my gf on my NoFap journey.

LINK – PIED Saved Me

by thefallofdark