Age 23 – (ED) “Don’t be a PMO patsy.”

I’m 23, male, just out of university, working a tech job in Silicon Valley. Started PMOing at 14. Began current streak Jan 9. 3 days from now will be the 90th day of my streak. I’ll be in the middle of a very busy week at work, so I’m going to post the “obligatory report” now. No plans to relapse in the next 3 days.


Back in my porn viewing days, I remember being at a strip club in Las Vegas. I got suckered into a private session with a beautiful exotic dancer from Tennessee who thought it was birthday (my friends perpetuated that myth, since it was my first time at such an establishment). She led me to a private booth and began doing her thing, softly informing me that there was an even MORE private room, where we could go if I paid a few hundred dollars. This woman was gorgeous. And she really wanted that money. To this end she had her tongue in my mouth, and her hand in my underwear.

Imagine her shock when my guy just lay there, limp. I remember her saying “At the very least I’ll make you cum!”. I said, “It’s difficult.”

Hey at least I saved money.


I’m in a relationship with a cute PhD student, two years my senior. Her schedule is hectic and I only get to see her once every couple or so weeks. But when we’re together, all she has to do is breathe on me, and I’m a rock.

Oh yeah and I’ve never been to a strip club since. No need for that shit.


In the grand scheme of things, 90 days is a tiny snapshot. What’s important is lasting self control. You see some reports where guys say their minds are now clean, unsullied by fantasies etc. If that’s true my hat goes off to them. I’m not there yet. But I’d like to be.


I’ll say this – look to these 90 days as a chance to understand your sexual drive. Don’t let the goal be repression. Let it be transcendence.

The fact that you’re here, doing this challenge means that you’re a thinking person. You’re not an automated drone like the rest of the world. Exploit this. Read about things. Try and understand concepts like transmutation of sex energy, to see if they have any validity in your life. Explore avenues of self improvement.

We’re all lonely, left to our own devices. We struggle to combat that. Friends, family, they’re all unions meant to hold our solitude at bay. Sex is the deepest form of such a union. And PMO is the ultimate hack. Don’t be a PMO patsy.

LINK – 90 days on this rollercoaster (Triggers)

by grishnakha