Age 23 – (ED) No more depression or anxiety, much more sociable & confident

I am going to get some stick from members on the forum as I am going to give some of you guys a reality check on the forum of how you are relying too much on the forum and the nofap challenge and forgetting about its benefits. Here goes my story briefly, discovered 3 months ago I had porn induced ED, social anxiety. I was depressed with life even though I am successful and couldn’t pin point what the problem was.

I was so lifeless. Stumbled upon YBOP and then NoFap. I realised that it wasn’t a health problem as I was in good shape (I am 23), but fapping problem. Over the last few years I had over stimulated from use of porn and generally masturbation.

I had the dreaded ED when I got into bed with a girl 4 months ago. I couldn’t work it out until YBOP and NoFap. Once I discovered that I had overstimulated and fu**ed my d2 receptors. I instantly stopped PMO and MO. I managed to successfully have sex (one night stand) on day 30 wasn’t 100% but very mild ED and Orgasmed. I dint consider it a relapse and carried on.

Now on day 90 here’s what changed so far:

  • High confidence with women
  • Can hold a stare with woman (couldnt do this before)
  • Can easily hold a conversation with a woman
  • Women want to talk to me
  • I see the beauty within a woman (not sexual objectifying)
  • I use to spend hours daily PMO, that has been converted to GYM time and am pushing weights
  • No more depression
  • No more anxiety
  • Much more sociable and likeable person generally
  • Generally more time to do alot of things I didnt do as I was wasting so much time PMO


  • Much higher libido
  • ED nearly/completely gone
  • Even touching/kissing there is a response down there

All right so there you go, that are some of the benefits and changes I have seen since I started the challenge. Lets get this straight, these are not super powers.

**This is the most important note I would like to make and I know some of you will not appreciate this. I have been spending sometime on this forum and reading through countless posts to notice; people who are trying to reboot are spending way too much time on this forum. It is counter productive. Stop relying so much and letting no fap become a problem. It is there to cure your problem. Don’t keep on questioning it. Let no fap be something that is at the rear part of your brain don’t let it become the forefront. This forum is good to get advice and see how others have overcome their problem, but stop coming on here every few days to mention you relapsed and how it will change this time.

The other thing I notice is some people get to day 180 then relapse cos they MO’d, this not a relapse you cant keep beating your self up over one slip up. I certainly edge a couple of times through my 90 days and my challenge was not hard mode, yes there is no need but you cant reset your self jus coz of a small glitch. MO every now and then can be healthy too, it only becomes a problem if you let it become one.

I am going to finish on saying, I know my story was long but I hope some of you can read this and benefit your no fap challenge.

Everyone has different views, and this was mine. All the best guys/girls.

LINK – 90 Day update. Message to all of you keep relapsing and beating your self about it!

by taz_does_nofap