Age 23 – ED: TCM & Ayurveda may have helped

LINK – My Successful Reboot Story with a twist

BY – zackados

– I’d like to just share with you a success story of mine. Before that, let me give you some description of my problem. I am currently 23. I started masturbating since 15. I would masturbate 3-4 times a day. Somehow I managed to- don’t ask me how but my dick was strong. I continued masturbating a least once a day from 17 to 18 years old.

When I first had my sexual encounter at 19, I couldn’t get it up. I was like 40%. I couldn’t even penetrate it. I became severely depressed and I began to search on the internet about ED, my thoughts had manifest about other problems that the internet said would follow suit.

Suddenly, I realise that I had cold feet, rapid heart rate, frequent urination. And i thought I had diabetes, I thought i had heart problem. And I kept searching on the internet to find something that said that I was alright.
I broke up with my ex gf because I was scared she would tell people I couldn’t get it up. I was scared my friends would know coz she was in my class.

After searching on the internet for many months still while with my “disease”. I managed to find some “Indian Ayurveda” saying that over masturbation can cause the parasympathetic nerves to breakdown. Its responsible for erections.

So the solution to get shijilat or Ashvanghda  to solve my problem. I was able to find Ashvagandha. It was some sort to help restore my parasympathetic nerves system. I bought the pill, and each time I take it , I would tell myself that I am healed. That I am ok. So I would resort to Porn to “test” – but it kept FAILING!.

I was rather depressed and disappointed. At this time, I had a new GF. She kept on insisting on having sex but I was just afraid. I literally gave up till I stumbled upon Traditional Chinese Medicine about masturbation and kidney. Long story short, excessive masturbation caused imbalanced in the body especially the kidney. I was skeptical at first. But I had nothing to lose. Either give it a try or just live with my condition.

So I bought some kidney nourishing pills at a local TCM shop. Cost about 6 dollars. I ate it religiously with the ashvagandha for about 14 days. By then, I had seen little improvement. I did not want to “test” on porn.

On day 21, me and my gf head back to her place from the club. I didnt drank at all, and she insisted on having sex. I was afraid but to my amazement, as soon as she took off her clothes, BOOM!.. I had a hard erection. SOMETHING I HAD ONLY FELT when I was 15 or 16. We kept having sex everyday except during her period. (*I took only one bottle of the pills-Both Ashvangdha and the kidney nourishing pills).

Sex was really great. I had hard on erections everytime except when i was totally drunk until about a year then we broke up. I went back to porn to fulfil my craving. 2-3 time of M a day. When i met my new gf. The same old thing happened. I could not get it up. She had a slim figure and a C cup. I mean she was literally like a porn star and I could get it up.

This time, I was honest to her about my situation during our sexual encounter. I didn’t thought of the solution I used before because of the manifestation of my thoughts again after reading online about heart problems, artery blockages and bla bla bla.

This time I came along a website about porn induced ED. So i thought that was it. So i told her, lets not have sex for a 2 months. I was 21 then. I mean come on!. 60 days with no sex. no porn. I am sure i would be cured. When it finally came the day, I had a 80% erection which did not last very long. I had to “pressure” my prostate to ejaculate early before I lose my erection. I was bad. I was thinking. “HOW THE FUCK CAN IT BE THAT IT WAS NOT STRONG.”

I became depressed all over again. Broke up with her. and EVERYDAY, I would test myself with porn only to disappoint myself. One night, I remembered the good old days with my 2nd ex and how he had good sex and I suddenly remembered the pills. So I tried again. Try taking the pills. After 30days of NO PORN. Religiously taking the pills. I visited a prostitute to test. I was amazed. I lasted 30 mins with an erections between 85-100%.

My final words I do not know how the pills helped. But it did. It wasn’t a constant thing. After my “pass” with the pros. I stopped taking the pills, and I am still hving great sex with my current gf for almost a year already.

I have attached a photo of the things I used that i believe may have HELPED me a lot in the recovery phase of no PMO.

Please, if you are young, with NO MEDICAL conditions or with no problems and you have been masturbating a lot. and you cant get it up with a real girl. DON’T go searching on the internet. U DON’T HAVE NO HEART PROBLEM. NO DIABETES. NO WHATSOEVER. Don’t let the internet put thoughts in your mind that will manifest and lead to a depressed state. Give my solution a try. I am no trying to sell anything here. Go to your local store and just buy and try it. Its less than 30 bucks all together. Even if you cant get the same brand. Just get some ashvangdha and some kidney tonic.

My routine was every day. I would warm water with the pills. Once in the morning and once at night till the pills finished.

I would just like bros to know that there is hope. Trust me when i said I had severed PIED and severe depression. I am not doctor, but this was what helped me a lot. Honestly. I contemplated about writing this but I just wanted to chipped in.

My story may seem a lil short because I didn’t had time to write a lot. Esp on my “PIED” phase. It has been a year since my last ED. Now i have normal erections with my gf and I have not seen porn for almost a year. I honestly believe that my prob was a porn induced situation. It really helps with NO PMO. but the pills just helped with my recovery stage.

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