Age 23 – ED: What was worse than the PIED is the desensitization to the world.

I spent about two yrs in denial before this streak. I lost my v-card on day 70. Suffered from PIED since I could remember (I’m 23 M). What was worse than the PIED is the desensitization to the world. I found it hard at time to enjoy anything.

Only a girl’s image could make me feel good. Actually so good.This isn’t how it should be I now realize. There is much more to life. Nofap is def working. I’ve gotten a lot of spontaneous boners recently. Tons. I never used to be like that. I’ve started to enjoy everyday things a little more.

Porn is a serious addiction and it almost destroyed me. I’ve had very negative thoughts. I don’t like how I got addicted without realizing it. That’s how clever an enemy it is. For my strategy to get here, I made sure to never edge. For me, the scenes I’ve watched pop into my mind all the time trying to distract me and trying to make me feel good. I never edge. never ever. I NEver touch myself down there. I NEver focus on a sexual image when it comes bumbling through my mind. I try and empty my mind or look around me. Try and block out the image and focus on the image in front of me.

I’ve relapsed before and I know the safest way to do this is to never ever edge. Its a constant mind battle for me. My muscles feel so weak when I get the urges. My hand just wants to go that place. But I have that little part of me that rational part growing stronger day by day. I’m hopeful for my new life. I hope you all can join the fapstronaut 90 days alumni as well. Thank You

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by manup84