Age 23 – Erections wayyyy better now, social anxiety/brain fog gone


I have been fapping to porn for like 10 years. I’m 23 btw, and it got to the point where I would only watch one actress while laying in bed. Which lead me to pied ( I could last forever during sex and then when I would get on top, I would completely lose my erection).

Which lead to depression and self esteem issues unfortunately. I could receive head but only when laying down. So from years or Pmo I taught myself to only get aroused from this one actress while I was laying comfortably.

I had quit porn for like 8 months but it wasn’t enough. I needed to quit Pmo all together to really see any results And it totally works! Here are my recommendations for getting through this and even enjoying doing it.


  1. No more social anxiety is the biggest one. I no longer give a fuck about socializing which is such a weight off my shoulders
  2. No more brain fog. I didn’t realize how much masturbating effects your thought process, confidence, motivation and self esteem.
  3. Women notice you more. Women can smell shame (lol not really but sort of) and when you act confidently around them they love it.
  4. Every area of your life improves. It’s not like it just happens, you do it yourself by replacing Pmo dopamine with general success dopamine.
  5. You will approach women way more and feel good doing so.
  6. You begin to appreciate women and not objectify them like in your porn fantasies.
  7. You don’t support an evil industry that exploits like thousands of women (actresses) and exploits like millions of men (viewers)
  8. Way better erections, when I get an erection now it’s like rock hard and consistent which leads me to believe I can have sex again!
  9. Way better sexual skills. I read books on cunnalingus, dirty talk and just female sexuality. I’m fucking ready to go lol

So pretty much I haven’t quite “succeeded” yet. But I can tell it’s working. my erections are wayyyy better now.

I will update this after I get laid this month, which honestly won’t be very hard to do now lol.

1.Quit Pmo for 60 days if you are young. Then add sexual encounters after 60 days but no pm. 2. Take cold showers every fucking day! Helps with urges, fights depression and boosts testosterone. 3. Meditate / micro dose psychedelics. Meditation fights depression and heals the body and mind. Use micro dosing to better yourself. So I would take .4 grams of psychedelic mushrooms and work and a chalk lettering service for restaurants every 4 days. It gave me something to focus on in order to avoid Pmo. Which paid off significantly in the end. But srsly research micro dosing it’s fucking legit.

4. Better yourself/self improvement. Read self development books, I know it seems like only losers read stuff like that. But I have come to learn that only successful people read them lol. I recomend books on communication/socializing like “how to talk to anyone” “get inside her” “99 bad boy traits that instantly attract women”. You can get them on audible and just listen while you are doing your day to day stuff like driving, chores or walking. Using the knowledge from these books plus the lack of social anxiety from not pmo’ing will change your life dramatically. I get way more attention from women because I’m confident and masculine. I have better posture, better body language and a deeper voice. Which goes a long way with the ladies.

5. Talk to women. It takes a lot of research and experience to learn to converse with women confidently. They are very complicated creatures, but you need to learn to love them for the way they are. They make decisions based on emotion and how things make them feel. Which to me is illogical because men use logic to make decisions. Always be confident so no hands in your pockets, fidgeting, slouching, avoiding eye contact and just plain being a little pussy around them hah.

6. Work out. Adds testosterone to your body which you desperately need if your reading this post lol. Releases frustration from not pmo’ing and just makes you more attractive to women…duh. It also helps you fall asleep faster so you dont relapse. 7. Learn from rejection. When ever a girl rejects you….learn from it. Don’t get bent out of shape and throw a hissy fit. Just move on to your other options. Give women space and don’t text them constantly to remind them your still interested. It is seen as clingy or desperate. This is obv for when you are just getting to know a girl. If she’s your gf then it’s very different. 8. Get healthy. Research nutrition and eat clean. I became vegan and I will stay vegan for the rest of my life. It’s just the healthiest way to live. I’m not going to preach beliefs to you. So don’t fucking argue with me on this one but it is a smart decision for your health.

But follow my advice and don’t listen to the haters. People who go on this forum and say that it’s stupid are like alcholics saying the 12 steps are dumb. They are just way to addicted/ conditioned. It’s totally ok in society to be like yeah I fucking touched my self last night to hard core porn.

But when your like I quit Pmo to improve my life people are like wtf why!? If you admit you have a problem with porn you are telling others they have a problem as well. Which insults them. But I look at people I work with, some of them love porn and have no fucking chance of getting laid ever lol and they act like I’m the fucking crazy one.

So do it! quit porn and become the man you want to be, be a original, chivalrous, perfect gentlemen the ladies fantasize about.

If your ever going to watch porn again. Just remind yourself that these actresses are exploited, typically drug addicted and clinically depressed. There is a suicide hotline only for porn actresses. No shit eh!? What they do is so shameful for anyone, especially a sensitive creature like a women.

I can understand that some people need porn like people who are so unattractive they could never find a mate. But if your a decent guy and your main sexual partner is your fucking hand….something is very very wrong.

LINK – Day 60 advice and benefits

By Microdoseguy