Age 23 – Hard to believe: Varicocele pain is gone. Chronic mouth ulcers gone.


My life was easy and smooth. I started fapping in 2011 when i was 17. I became a regular fapper in 2012. I also started edging (phone sex) without masturbating afterwards. Basically I was never addicted to porn. The only thing I did too much was the phone sex which is a type of edging. There were phases in which I only edged almost daily but never orgasmed or masturbated for months. Also there were phases which included both edging and masturbating at different times. This became habit in 2012.

  • Nov, 2012 – My right ear feels always clogged and no cure was found with doctors.
  • April 2013 – My neck started aching permanently.
  • October 2013 – I am stuck with varicoceles.

I started having mouth ulcers permanently. One gets healed and the next one occurs within a few days.

My back has also started aching.

I have developed laboured breathing disorders, maybe due to anxiety

So I started nofap 30 April 2017.

I was never addicted to porn, masturbation or orgasm. I quit it right away. The problem is that I have a long distance relationship and we are very fond of the phone sex. In a few experiments I found out that edging over phone sex is even more harmful than PMO. Ejaculating after edging is better than just edging because ejaculation relaxes you and your body which is required after significant arousal.

I decided to quit phone sex and edging too. But I keep falling into it somehow. Sometimes the partner lures me in and sometimes I myself jump into it.

My nofap rules go like this:
1. No porn.
2. No masturbation.
3. No Orgasm
4. No Edging (most important)

So, I have passed around 4 months with maximum 61 day streak or 20 day streak if wet dreams are counted as relapse. Still i have seen some benefits of which I am sure.

Benefit 1 : Forget varicocele pain

My balls were always aching due to varicoceles. It bothered me a lot. But when i started nofap, it went away within a week and there is zero pain in my testicles. “Yodelout” blog was right about varicocele. Ungratified sexual excitement is the reason of varicocele and the pain associated with it. I hope you understand how better I feel when there is no pain in the balls. It’s huge. Though the lump of varicocele has not disappeared. The swelling is not too large like before. Whenever i edge, the pain comes back. This is a huge evidence that the edging and varicocele are very related. Masturbating does not aggravate the pain, edging does.

Benefit 2 : Mouth ulcers gone

I always had one ulcer in my mouth. If one heals, the next one will be ready within a few days. But when i started nofap, frequency of the ulcers went lower and lower. Ulcers were less painful and now they are almost gone. They don’t bother me anymore.

Theses are the benefits I am sure about. I am not sure about any other benefit yet. Well, I think I am growing some better beard these days.

I am trying to go on a very long streak to maybe find even bigger benefits. Wish me luck.

LINK – NoFap made life easier. 4 Month Journey, 61 day streak (exception of wet dreams)

by bhagwan