Age 23 – I am starting to feel the energy of life

Now, after hitting 95 days I can say that everyone should try to complete the 90 days challenge not because you will be free totally from your addiction but because you are likely to see more clearly the real damages that PMO has done to you!

My fist experience with self gratification begun over 10 years ago. For a decade I regularly watched P and then M. Only in two cases I have managed to last more than 3 days (once in 2010 (14 days)/ and then in 2013 (18 days)).I had no choice because during that period of time I was busy and almost never alone. So, basically I use to fap almost every day and sometimes two times a day.

I am starting to feel the energy of life. Maybe it’s the increased level of testosterone that makes me feel more man, more willing to accept new challenges that life has to offer! Being man doesn’t mean having a thick beard and big muscles, NO!! Being man means fighting each day to become a better person a generous, caring, humble one!

Many of you are curious to know what motivated me to last over three months (after so many years of intense PMO)? (Besides the fact that this site helped me a lot), my main motivation is a girl, a special one. (She is not my GF,, haha), but I will tell you everything about her and me if I complete this challenge.

I challenge myself to complete: 1000 days without PMO or PM (BUT: I will have sex only if it’s worth 100%). If I could be able to complete this challenge I will find out soon and let you know! I know it’s a long time but I am very motivated, disciplined and very curious about how it feels like to defeat you instinct! Fighting each day to be a better person! Wish me luck!

LINK – My 95-th day!What I learned and what I will be doing

by laris