Age 23 – I can give my son the time he deserves


Porn doesn’t control my life anymore. I used to do nothing but think about PMO constantly. Any spare moment. Now I can think more clearly and get other hints done. I’ve done a lot of repairs around the house, taken up landscaping as a hobby and I started working out again. I’ve also been able to give my son more of the time he deserves.

I’m 23 years old and the symptom that made me quit is that my fiancé found it on my phone and said choose her or porn. She was ready to leave me. She didn’t trust me. Probably still doesn’t. It’s been a rocky journey but we are both recovering together. Her from her pain and me from my addiction.

My advice to you: beat this before you see the pain in your S.O’s eyes. It’s not a look you want to see or know.

Here’s 90 days. It has finally come. And yet, the journey has just begun. For those of you who have just begun, understand that this isn’t some “pinnacle moment.” This isn’t arriving. For us who are addicted, there is surviving.

I have survived 90 days. And I plan on doing so for the rest of my life. This is not merely a battle, but a war that will wage within me until the breath of life leaves me but a corpse. But I will choose to win for my son, and my future wife. And my family. And myself.

This world tries to tell us that porn is normal. It says, “everyone else does it, so it is ok.”

This is a lie. It stimulates so many factors in you that are abnormal and makes you view females as merely objects. It makes you resent your S.O. For not being as “sexy” or not putting out as much.

It makes you less of a man. Choose to do battle. And if you battle, then choose to win.

Onward comrades. We have war to wage.

LINK – I made it by the skin of my teeth.

By fishsticks25