Age 23 – I have made progress! Have a girlfriend, back to school, moved

This is going to be the first positive post about NoFap that I’ve been able to type in a long time. I’ve been attempting this thing for years now.

It started way back in a crappy apartment in my hometown after reading some posts about the benefits of not fapping and not watching porn. I have to say that those first posts I read shook me so bad. My confidence dipped even lower as I realized my desire to get home from work asap just to fap was actually very unhealthy. Inspired I created my username (quite relevant to my continuing struggles).

Since those days of shamefully failing to completely resist PMO I have had many ups and downs, but mostly ups. I’ve reset my badge countless times, but I also traveled with a beautiful woman who ended up becoming my long term girlfriend, I quit the job that I felt was oppressing me, and returned to university as a full time student (which also allowed me to move to a new town).

All of those things show me progress. And I know for sure that I would not have done much beyond the cycle I was living in: Work, PMO, Watch TV, Work, Pay Bills, PMO, Eat, PMO. My habits were truly crippling me. I’ve had many post binge epiphanies that allowed me to take good steps that led me to better decisions, but I’ve had so many slip backs too. Rather than focus on the slips I look at the slow, but real progress I’ve made in my life.

I have started writing more, my new jobs allow me to be involved in things I truly care about in supportive environments, I’ve been able to have a loving relationship with someone that when I first met her I thought was way above me. I’m not Rico Suave, but I’m happy and I think that resonates more than anything.

I recently did slip on some PMO, but I’ve been able to recover with clearer intentions than I used to. I know have a fun tracker in my room which I’ll share on this sub too!

Anyway, to the point of this whole post: I have made progress! I’ve climbed some trees and gotten respectable grades this semester, and have set myself up pretty well to becoming who I am and not who porn makes me. I have true experience now with life and I’m happy.

Stop your PMO cycle and create your own self. It feels good. Thanks for the awesome posts too!

LINK – I don’t want to fap because I want to be a scientist.

by Mr_Impulse