Age 23 – I see women as persons (not a sex object). My confidence in talking with women is the best its ever been.

I started pornography and masturbation at the age of 12 (I will be 24 yo in this December). I started watching pornography just as a curiosity to know about sex and all stuff. I wasn’t addicted till 2-3 years ago.

Before 2-3 years my family started having financial problems and in last year my father started having drinking problems again (He was off alcohol for around 10 years). After these problems I turned to pornography to find pleasure and escape from the harsh reality of life. Since last 2-3 years I have been masturbating 2-3 times a week which equals to approx 156 times a year.

I joined this website in Feb 2017. I relapsed multiple times but the turning point came in to my life in last month. When I read the chapter “Mystery of sex transmutation” from the book think and grow rich (I suggest you to read this whole book multiple times not just the chapter on sex). Although I had read this book before I never seriously read any of its chapter but when I read that chapter again and again few times. I got it that wasting the sexual energy is like wasting your motivation and desire to achieve all the things you want in your life.

There was also a good quote in that chapter which said ” A sex mad man is no different from a dope mad man as both have lost control over their thinking in there addiction”.

After this I started thinking and finally realised that I have wasted 10-12 years of my motivation, desire and energy wasting on something worthless. Masturbation gives you pleasure for few minutes. But it is not worth it as once you will have a long term girlfriend or once you get married you have that pleasure as many times you want it and that too without any regrets. I also realised that sex is a normal thing which we all will experience once we get into relationship and it is of no use to waste your energy masturbating while watching porn on your phone, tab or PC screen.

I reached a decision and every time I had the urge to masturbate I just kept repeating in my mind that it is not worth it. You will have it anyway once you get a girlfriend or wife. Instead focus on getting financial goals, health goals and learning other skills in life which will help you to improve your life.

So I will now explain how no masturbating for 30 days affected different areas of my life.

2. Health effects after rebooting

Before rebooting I used to be lazy and unmotivated. The first 2 weeks were very difficult but I just kept repeating to myself that masturbating is not worth. In first week I had withdrawal syndrome. I felt drowsy and unmotivated. I didn’t achieve anything worthy within first 2 weeks. But once the 2 weeks passed by. I started noting that I am having the energy which I never had before within last 10-12 years. I started doing exercise daily since I missed one or two days in between but overall I continuously exercise which I never did before. Also I had acne problems from last one months my acne has almost vanished (it worked for me but if you have severe acne problem please contact your physician). Overall I feel great and full of energy.

3. Wealth effects after rebooting

From last 4-5 months I was struggling to make a financial plan to earn money from stock market, website and YouTube. I was not able to write a proper plan and I also tried to do some trading in stock market however I lost some of my money. But in this money I made the biggest profit since I started trading. Also I was able to write the complete financial plan for my future within a week (which didn’t happened since last few months as I was masturbating). My concentration has also improved. Overall I think that I can do good in achieving my financial goals.

4. Emotional effects after rebooting

When I was watching pornography I used to see everything in terms of pornography. I used to see women as pornstars and sex objects (that’s messed up but that was the way I used to think about women). However since last two weeks I have started seeing women as persons (as a normal human being not a sex object). Also I have observed that my confidence in talking with women has dramatically increased like it was never before in my life. Even some girls complimented me that I have done something different that I am looking so fresh (well I couldn’t tell them what was the reason ). I am to communicate not just with girls but with all other people in my life with a deeper level like I had never done before.

Ending notes: Overall I just feel great. I think so I will continue this streak as long as I can. Just remember guys it is not worth it as it drains your energy, motivation and your desire to find the person who would be the love of you life.

I think this would be my last post on this forum but if I get something good to share on this forum I will definitely share it.

LINK – Finally completed the 30 days challenge

by Anthony97