Age 23 – I think I had mild depression before noFap

So here I am. Exactly 90 days ago I started my noFap journey. It seems like while ago. It was not my first attempt to stop PMO, but it was first time to do this with noFap. Before my greatest streat was 3 weeks, back in the high school. Now I am 23.

What has changed?

I think I had mild depression before noFap. Now, even when I get sad, it is mixed with anger, and I do not hear voice in my head “you are weak” but “do something with it!”. NoFap was my trigger to start to eat healthy. I do not know how it affects on girls because courently I focus on my career and work like a horse. I do not longer watch so much tv series, I managed to cut it to 2 hours per week.

I survived the “I will fuck anything phase” on days 7-21. I survived the flatline and it’s really harsh not to have any strength at all at days 21-50.

After that it was getting better and better.

I have still of course some urges, but it is so much easier not to give up.

You can just see the difference by yourself. I can sleep much less and be able to do something the next day. I am self confident now. I am more tolerant to discomfort – thats also because of cold showers, now even 2-3 times per day.

If you struggle the combination workout + cold shower always worked for me.

So now I am at 90 days. What’s next? I think I will start another challenge. Exactly today I am starting new course on coursera 🙂 It’ss so much easier to pick up new habit If You know, that You managed to overcome You once. If I can do it once, I can do it twice. Your brain cannot fool You any longer, because YOU SHOWED HIM PROOF THAT YOU CAN DO IT!

If You have any specific questions, feel free to ask.

Oh, and I have like 5-6 times sex(2 x 2days period), I can tell the difference. I have never been able to go on after 1 time, It was over, now I think even 3 or 4 would not be a problem.

Gentlemen, I am really grateful. You really helped me to overcome myself.

LINK – 90! Give me Your hurrah!

by fak1rro