Age 23 – I used to be very socially anxious, but things have changed

I am 23 year old fapstronaunt from Finland. I found this place about a year ago and was totally blown away by the fact that there were others trying to tackle the same problem I had been trying to tackle for years. Here is a short report I made after finally completing the 90 days challenge.

So here I am, finally. I never thought I would actually get here. It took me six years and so many relapses I can’t even count, but this last time something finally just clicked in my head. I took it slow. Lived 1 day at a time. Whenever an urge would rise I just told myself ‘You must eventually get trough this urge if you want to get where you want to be.’ Every day is part of the challenge and equally important. So no matter what happens today just get trough it. You will get stronger and it will get easier eventually. And it did. I still do have urges, but they are much easier to manage. It’s easier to just look away if I happen to see something arousing on tv or the internet. I realize I don’t gain anything from fapping, it just leads to misery. And thats where I never ever want to go back to.

I used to be very socially anxious, since I was bullied as a kid and therefore spent a lot of time fapping and escaping the real world in front of my computer. In the end I did not have any friends. This challenge has definitely given me the courage to face my real feelings and not run away from them. I have more confidence than ever and actually want to socialize and go outside. Meet new people. I am also more productive and actually get stuff done. I take cold showers and meditate almost daily, which help me calm my mind. It’s easier for me to see the long term benefits, but also live in the moment and not worry about all the little things that in reality don’t matter jack shit.

This challenge is far from over, but damn has it given me alot already. The tools for the future. So do not give in fellow nofappers, every battle is there to make you stronger. Never give up!

LINK 94 days! Reporting in.

by Joxu90