Age 23 – I’m back to my real self by now, huge decline in anxiety


I’d guess [I’ve been trying NoFap for] around two years now but the progress has been quite slow but it’s going in the right direction. This streak will be a great milestone. I’m 23 years old.

This is just a report to myself for motivational purposes but maybe I can inspire someone else as well.

This is my second longest streak, I will break my old record in ten days and shit’s looking good this far. My biggest source of motivation right now is looking forward to christmas, in part because it’s a holiday I really like but also since I will reach 90 days before christmas eve, thus ending the year with just below 100 days.

I’m back to my real self by now, the person who only comes alive when abstaining from PMO, the person without social anxiety, without low self-esteem, the person who do not suffer from stress or depression. The person, who is able to maintain eye contact, who can converse with ease and who get shit done directly instead of procrastinating.

It feels fucking amazing to be the real me I can tell you. It has allowed me to tie a contact at a company I really would like to work at, which might result in a job there in the future. I also had a long and interesting conversation with a total stranger during a train ride. Both events wouldn’t have happened to the PMO-version of me I can tell you that, prooving why NoFap is worth committing to, at least for me.

NoFap uncovers the real version of you, the version beneath the imposter that the world around you see, which is the result of PMO, the plague that has broken down the real you for years. But believe me when I say that the real version of you is still there, and has been all along, you just have to find it.

LINK – 30 days complete – status report/note to myself

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I never thought I’d come this far. I really didn’t, I’ve been trying many times to reach a streak of a month but my previous longest streak was 18 days. I’ve tried and tried again, reaching 7-10 days but then relapsed. Visiting this subreddit I’d read other user’s 30,45,90 etc day stories and doubted that I’d ever reach 30. Reaching that many days was something other people could do, not me.

I usually think “This will be the time when I break my previous streak” when beginning a new streak but this time was different. Firstly, I didn’t reflect on starting a new streak I just went with it. Secondly, due to a lot of work in school and several activities in my free time I’ve been busy, resulting in that I’ve now surpassed my old streak with twice as many days. Those two things helped me reach this point, next stop is 45 days and hopefully at 90 days my brain will have rewired itself. I’m not saying this is a recipe for success but those two things did the trick for me.

The benefits that I’ve experienced this far is a huge decline in social anxiety along with an increase of confidence, I can speak to people naturally without having to constantly think about what to say beforehand or how to act. The other day I almost spoke with a cute girl on the bus, I unfortunately didn’t do it since I was only a few stops away before I had to go off, which I somewhat regret now. But that the thought actually came to my mind naturally and giving zero fucks about the outcome is a huge difference. Before this streak my social anxiety and lack of confidence would have stopped such thoughts before they even came to mind.

Another difference I’ve noticed is that my voice has become darker. I also can think more clearly which helps me during studying and focusing on my weightlifting program I follow in the gym.

This post became longer than I thought but I needed to write this down for further motivation to continuing on this path and perhaps inspire others who used to think like me. I promise you that you can and will reach your goal, you just have to find the right mindset and tactic that fits you the best. This my take time as in my case but when you’ve found them you will win the battle that is going on in your mind.

I’ve tried for a long period to reach this far, something which caused me to eventually lose faith in reaching 30+ days.

I’m 23 years old. Keeping busy has kept me from thinking about porn and fapping since I always had things to do.

 LINK – 36 days, I never thought I’d come this far

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