Age 23 – Major benefits are confidence and stamina.

Just want to thank everyone for support. I couldn’t ask for anything better than this. Completing 100 days just 1 day before New Year.

To people who are struggling, do remember that there will be lots of ups and downs in life and you can’t use it as your excuse for relapse. You need to stay strong always.

You guys can ask me anything if you want. And Wish You all a very Happy New Year (soon).

LINK – 100 Days 🙂

by Achi11



I am 23. Major benefits are confidence and stamina. Fairer skin to some extent. I play for a small soccer club and the major benefit I had with nofap is my stamina build up. Before I had difficulty running the field for even 60 minutes. Now I almost stay on field for full 90 minutes. Also my skin has become much more fairer than it was before.


Yes any physical activity helps. Be it any sports or workout at gym. I also felt the urges sometimes but relapsing might have meant, no more stamina at football field and no more confidence in approaching anything. And yes I intend to continue no fapping indefinitely 🙂


Tbh I actually came to know abt nofap from a porn subreddit 😛 But when I read everything about this I decided a 30 day goal. After 30 days, I just never wanted to stop. About Behavior, I think there were times when I felt low due to some life issues and there were urges to relapse to come out of that phase. But only thing I kept telling myself was, relapsing will only make it worse. Also I collected all the images from prevention tool, so that i could just go through it when I felt the urges. After 30 days I guess, You can control your mind easily.