Age 23 – More motivation and energy, No longer anxious, I can talk to people easily without hesitation, Optimistic about the future


First of all, sorry for my English skills, but I will try to use the energy of nofap to express myself correctly. So, I’m 23 years old, I’m from Algeria, I discovered masturbation I think since 9 years something like that, and I was addict to it, it was an escape from reality for me because at school I was slapped and treated like a crap from the teacher (woman) for obvious reasons…

And with internet things went even worse, I became a professional PMO, I couldn’t stop even if inside me I didn’t like what I was doing…

When I was looking to myself in the mirror, I felt like a crap…until I discovered Jane Micheals youtube channel.

So I started the nofap challenge, I relapsed many times, it was HARD! but I was always trying! Now I’m on day 56 of nofap, for me it’s like I beat a world record !

Here is some benefits that I got:

  1. I don’t feel like a crap
  2. I can talk to people on the street easily without hesitation
  3. Now I’m not anxious
  4. I don’t care what people thinks about me
  5. Before when someone says to me something that I don’t like I became angry very fast, now I’m calm and I can handle it without difficulties
  6. I’m optimistic about the future
  7. I got more motivation and energy!

Thanks for reading me!

LINK – I was a crap…but NOT NOW !

by LoyalKnight


UPDATE – My own success story after +1 year being a fapstronout!

My current streak: I have no Idea since I stopped tracking after many failures and binges. I am somewhere between 30-60 days I think, and I will be way over +100 days by the end of this year for sure (because a friend with a similar streak reminded me of it a few weeks ago!)

Ups and downs

I had really many ups and downs. I had ups where I just felt great and amazing but I also had many downs were I just felt shitty and bad. I mostly relapsed on days were I felt shitty, and I think most of us relapse then. Under heavy stress, etc. My recent series of downs was really long. I felt really bad for 2 weeks straight, even 3 weeks straight. But I did not relapse, and now I just feel re-born.

My rebirth!

I never had such a feeling of clearity and self-confidence that I do have right now. I have no idea exactly how I became so clear and so self-confident, I have no idea. I suppose that it is a mix of NoFap, my daily habits, meditation, hitting the gym, hanging out with friends and socializing, reading books (especially Napoleon Hills “Law of Success”, you have to read it!)

My very own story

I joined the NoFap-Movement last year in September if I recall it correctly. Maybe even earlier. First on reddit, then I transferred my activity to this awesome page. Why did I join NoFap? I forgot TBH, but I think like many here with the intention of becoming better with girls. I can tell you, that this is the wrong attitude to join NoFap.

Well… Why is it the wrong attitude?
You may ask this question to yourself. I can tell you: To become successful in NoFap you have to start improving your life and becoming better in life in general. For me it was that I started to visit the gym, became a football referee which were my earliest signs of sucess in NoFap. I started reading books and started a series of daily habits as well as starting to meditate. It all came time after time, not after all!

Ok, time to continue. I had many ups and downs how I said throughout the time. I was on the verge of giving up, but I never gave up! I can safely tell you that every single relapse made me feel like utter dogshit and just horrible. I tried to talk myself out of it, I said that it can happen, that everyone fails. That is true, everyone failed at some point in his/her life, I am sure of it! It is in our hands to avoid these failures, though! We have to distinguish from defeat and temporary defeat: If we always stand back up after we fall, if we never give up then we never got defeated in the common sense. It was a temporary defeat, nothing more! Just a setback.

NoFap and Self-Confidence
My self-confidence started improving gradually since I started with NoFap. It was good, then bad again, but with a steady trend upwards. After every relapse my self-confidence was eliminated, but just for some days. After my first interactions it started to improve again!
For many months, since I began the NoFap and many months before it my mindset started improving gradually. I had my peaks and downs, but I could never eliminate that self-doubt which was in my head for a long time.
That self-doubt is completely gone now. When I was in Italy my brain underwent massive changes. I first thought that it is liked to the fact that I had very little sleep, but no that is certainly not that fact. I became so self-confident that I cannot believe it anymore. My friends noticed it, and talking with them became far more enjoyable and better – I have the feeling that I have a magical aura surrounding me.

I was someone who opposed clubbing for a long time until I tried it out. I went clubbing with my friends in Italy and it was SO INSANELY FUN! If you never went clubbing I can just suggest that you should at least give it a shot. If you have no friends to go with, then go by yourself! I went with friends, but I was alone most of the time, trying to find girls to dance with. And that was really fun!!

I really rocked the place especially the second time. The first time I was more shy than the first time. I danced the best I could, and I give really 0 fucks what people thought! I just danced and really enjoyed it. I tried to dance with some girls, but they were either with their boyfriend or in a group. But I had some success, it was no turnoff at least by most of them!

One of my friend told me that I got this self-confidence because I stopped fapping. Damn, he got the point! NoFap is not the only factor for my skyrocketing self-confidence, but it is a huge factor, indeed.

I became the one who danced the most outside the group, alone with girls. It was really, really fun! I never thought that clubbing could be that enjoyable! Can you believe it, me danced the most with girls I did not now, especially in the second time? I can’t!

I want to start go clubbing, I am thinking of once per month, max. 2 times, if my school and occupation allows it. Clubbing will be a nice time to use my free time!

I also became insanely self-confident around girls. I would really like to tell you how, but I do not know! Can you believe it? Can you? Well, I can’t. I am asking myself, how? Probably thanks to NoFap and my daily routines I were doing like reading self-help books and repeating positive things to me, and even trying to be a bright flare in dark times!

It is like that I am a new person, really. I have no idea what caused that sudden change to my brain – I think hanging out with my friends did contribute to it, too!

That was my most recent development. It was a milestone in my NoFap journey, I never had so sucess in my life like in the last days. I can hardly explain it – I think that is what is ment about the super powers.

How long will it take until you get massive changes?

First off, let me tell here that I do not mean to display myself as a overly-sucessful person. I am confident and I am sure that everyone here will achieve success and have many milestones in his/her journey if NoFap and other positive habits are steadily kept up and active! I got these massive changes – WHICH I WILL NEVER FORGET more than one year after starting my NoFap journey.

It is important to tell here that I did not get triggered in the clubs when I saw attractive girls, or even when I attempted to dance with them. It is the self-confidence I think which keeps it safe!

I cannot still believe me how my life changed. How I said, I thought that my massive self-confidence and my “magical aura” was because I had very little sleep. But having very little sleep results in the opposite! The lack of sleep may have been the important factor here, to show my brain how life can be and how it is. I have no idea – I am just speculating here.

I am heading off to Turkey this Monday. I am looking forward to post here already – I’ll hop on the morrow and/or sunday again and then after 10 days.

VICTORY WILL BE OURS! Together we are strong, united we are strong against this devilish enemy. Do not forget this whereever you are or what happens, victory will be ours!