Age 23 – Never felt as good in my life


Never felt as good as this in my life. is it a coincidence? possibly, but comparing my current situation to how i felt 3 months ago is ridiculous. My life isn’t perfect and is far from it, but as soon as i face a problem i react and face it without backing away from it or ignoring it.

to be clear, i have masturbated 4 times and had about 3 wet dreams in the last 90 days but not looked at porn once. i only wank when i choose to and know i have the time to. i am in control.

i tried PMO free but failed at about 45 days and the last 15 of them were extremely tough so i decided to do this instead.

in the 90 days i got a job, succeeded but voluntarily quit after 5 weeks because the culture of the place was poisonous; lots of ego’s and one dickhead in particular that made vulgar remarks about women every time we walked past or saw someone. i had to leave but not before i had already lined up a better job.

never would have been able to handle any of this this time last year.

i started the nofap journey at the end of august 2016 and now i’m here. not an easy path to take, and not without setbacks, but massively worth it now that i have reached this milestone.

as far as the future is concerned i will continue what has worked for me so far. M&O are allowed but not P. i also try and leave at least 1 week in between orgasm’s so that i know i am less likely to binge and i know if i do find myself in a binge i will be more likely to be tempted by P.

[I’m] 23.


LINK – tomorrow, i will be 90 days without porn

By dj-almondcrunch