Age 23 – No more anxiety, increased social interactions, enjoying life

Posting this first as a task and second as a tribute to motivate all who are struggling. Changes that I’ve noticed:

  1. Increase in social interactions. I’ll comfortably speak to any and everyone.
  2. No more anxiety. I began to embrace the fear and even love it at times because that is what kept me moving forward.
  3. Girls. You begin to notice all of them even the ones whom aren’t blessed with good looks. You start to see them as they really are, just human beings.
  4. Enjoying life. The emotions are all around you and you distinctively start to feel all of them , instead of just being numb all the time.
  5. More time. I started to realize how much time I have wasted and began to think positively about the future.
  6. Yes, nofap has led to one relationship but I can’t tell how that would lead. Yet, that’s the beauty of life, let go and live it.

I have started to read more books, and even consider working out as routine rather than a habit.

P.s. I’m 23 and I live in the middle east, that’s how far the nofap community reaches. Finally, to sum it up, nofap does work and the extent depends on you.

LINK – 60 Days Report

by badeae1



I begin by thanking this community for always remaining active and supportive of each others lives.

Wow, I always wondered what it would feel like to be clean to have no internal shame, to walk with your head held high and proud of the person your becoming.

Now that I’m there, there’s one solid truth I’ve discovered which is: Nofap is the gate or first step to other achievements. Garnered there are these superpowers but those plateau and remain a part of you.

Its what you do with that extra time that matters, and here’s what I’ve gained:

Became more assertive Lost weight and working out again Lost “friends” (this is good, I’ll tell you below why) Started reading classical novels again Better care of myself, and put my needs first Placed first in a research conference (Anxiety lessened, and able to face fears) I have interacted with more people int the past 90 days than the entire past year..

These are few of the infinite number of benefits that occurred over the scope of 3 months. Coming back to friends, I had realized that these were dysfunctional relationships and that it was not were I was heading in my life.

I’ve actually made more friends since then that are mutually respectful and more well rounded. I will continue my nofap journey, and it will remain on hard mode. Unless, I’d find a girl whom gives back and is worth the extra mile 😉

So to sum it all up, Nofap has made me feel alive again.

by badeae1