Age 23 – The benefits are undeniable

Little background: Started Nofap 3 years ago, didn’t gave up and now completely porn free. I didn’t jerk off for a year now, but I booked escorts the last 2 months.

So…because I didn’t jerk off far a very long time, I was celibate for a long time, so long that I did forget the benefits, simply because I was used to them.

Out of curiosity and of course horniness, I said fuck it and indulged sex with escorts. I had some good and some bad experience, but the main point is how it affected my mental state.

I talked about nofap with my friends and in other communities. Everyone agreed that NoFap is bullshit. I said that their bullshit is bullshit.

Since I am now 3 years into NoFap I had encountered a lot of relapses when I started. There IS an undeniable causality between ejaculation and the follow effects:

1) I couldn’t concentrate aka had a mental brain fog. My communication/mathematical skills plummeted and I was socially unadept. Furthermore my mind felt dull. The sharpness I used to have just disappeared. I became more passive and let things happen to me.

2) I would lose my intuition. This one very hard to explain, especially to someone who dismiss NoFap. I’ll try anyway. Everyone knows we have a “second brain”, maybe the unconsciousness. Normally our brain filters unimportant things. It seems that when I am celibate for  at least 2 weeks, I can predict people and even actions. Sounds weird I know.

3) Every time I ejaculate, I get muscle soreness. I do train everyday twice a day, because I can. NoFap did make me hornier but also stronger. Normally I don’t feel any muscle soreness and I am recovered the next day. But when I ejaculate I feel very tired. My muscle ache and I feel weak. Not a very good condition to push your workout.

4) Good things happen. This one is also very weird, but every time I am on NoFap good things happen. I can’t explain it but my life generally improves without my intention. People like me, I get positive feed back, and my grades are good.

5) This one is weird, but dogs and cats can’t get enough from me. It is fucking weird, but they seem to like me. In general people and animals are much friendlier towards me.

As you can tell there are some direct effects of an ejaculation and long distance. ( intuition)

One major problem though, is my aggressiveness. My patience decreased and I felt mean much earlier. I confront people more often.

I don’t take NoFap as serious as I used to. I reached my goals and I naturally don’t jerk off anymore. Porn is boring; I would rather have sex or book an escort. Still I like to go full monk mode for some time.

Oh and so: girls really like me. It is fucking weird. I got more muscular though, but in general the interaction feels more natural and more pleasant

LINK – The benefits are undenieable

by doncarlione