Age 23 – Was alone, depressed, anxious and never had sex: Now all this is solved

Went to my end – 133 days of no PMO. Even in the toughest moments. Had first real intimate relationship and now in relationship with amazing women. Just do it. I was alone for 4 years, never had sex till 23. Now all this is solved.


Also solved my anxieties and etc.

Thread: DAY 133. Real relationship. No depression.

by  Sturnus



Thread: Sturnus Journal

Day 0

I hate the day zero. It is always the last time. What a big lie.

I am afraid and I am confused. Don’t know what to do with my life. I don’t have a girl. I live with my parents and I am very dependent on them. I work a job which I do not enjoy. Very few respect me. Me myself have no respect for myself. Because I don’t do the things that I want to do and that I could do. I am full of fears of connecting and belonging. I sit a lot at home and do nothing. Though I meditate. But I am afraid of that also! Shit… I am afraid of everything all the time. I can’t live longer like this. I know I deserve better.

I don’t know if anyone will read what I write but it is very good for me to write all these things . It helps me to be more stable.

Even though my post could seems very pessimistic but I strongly believe that I can do this and I will.