Age 23 – Was terrified of women: Now I’m asking them out left & right

I first discovered NoFap ~215 days ago. My first 90 day attempt I got to around 60 days and failed miserably….in retrospect I attribute my shortcomings to my misunderstanding regarding the flatline period. I got impatient and needed to see “if it still worked” (duh, of course it does!)

I’m now at day 65 again and I’ve gotten past the major flatline period. In the last 4 days I’ve gotten 3 girls phone numbers’ and am talking to several more on dating sites. I’ve been aware for a while now that I’m a handsome young man with a good head on his shoulders but due to fapping and constant self-doubt that accompanies it I’ve been “hiding” myself from the opposite sex.

I’m 23 going on 24 soon and NoFap has helped me turn my life around in so many ways. Looking back I’ve done a lot in these last 65 days besides talking to women — I’m enrolled in a new degree program, a new internship, I pay more attention to how I dress and groom, and I’ve noticed more gains in my exercise. I also smoke weed less and have more control over my impulses in general.

Tonight I was at a friend’s birthday party and met a woman who was a mutual acquaintance. While we were talking another random guy butted in trying to get her to take shots and dance. While before this would have psyched me out it didn’t even phase me because I knew that this random dude did not have the cajones to be doing what I am doing with my fapstinence. I ended up getting the girls number and by the end of the night she was reciprocating physical contact with me, something I’ve never really experienced before :). I’m not even really concerned about whether this will blossom into a relationship or not. I’m just happy it felt so natural to be flirting.

There have been terrible days and great days with NoFap but it all evens out in the end. Trust me when I say it’s the little successes that will get you through to the end. I want to thank you NoFappers for getting me on the right track. Now when I talk to women, they want to talk to me!

TL;DR – Was terrified of women, now I’m asking them out left and right, and they all appear to enjoy it 🙂

LINK – 65 days fap free and I’m starting to ask women out!

by tuckedinthecut