Age 24 – 100 days, but it took 2 years. Finally succesful when I lightened up

I’m going to make this brief because I have too many amazing things to do in my life right now 😉

Anyways for a couple of years now I have been trying to rid myself of porn and fapping with very little success. On average I would give in about every other day and lasted a maximum of 10 days once. But I had edged in between those times. (I hope I’m using that word right). I even fapped and watched porn after not being able to keep it up during sex. Sure it was frustrated for a couple of a days, but then I’d go back to my old self giving in to the terrible world of porn. What a joke lol

And when I say what a joke, that’s actually what has inspired me. I realized that it wasn’t just fapping that made my life less than I wanted it to be, it was the fact that I took everything so seriously. I took the dumbest f***n things seriously. Deep in my mind I thought that it was the be-all and end-all of everything. And let me tell you, before I realized this, I thought it was all in the methods like:

Take a cold shower when you feel like masterbating! F*** no lol I don’t want to take a cold shower, that’s not going to improve my life that much. I just want to rid porn and fapping from my life.

  1. What about reading NOFAP everyday and reading success stories? Well that could help but it’s not the most important thing. What matters is what you think about in the moment when you are about to fap.
  2. Find a support group! Trust me I tried this and created my own group of fellow nofappers and it failed miserably. Accountability is awesome and helps, but it’s just a helper. You don’t actually need it to be successful.
  3. Thinking about the future or thinking about anything that you want. Yea again, this helps but it’s not going to propel you fully in the direction… Why? Because in those dire moments when you feel like shit because you take everything too seriously, you’re going to just want to feel good, and you’re going to tell yourself “oh just this once, I’ve already beaten my last record.” Just like I did many many times.
  4. Think of how shitty it feels to not be able to keep it up when you’re about to have sex! Do you ever want that to happen again!!!??? Honestly, this mindset is motivating for a short while, but it kills your mood fast, super fast. And frankly, it doesn’t work for me.

My point is life is fun, life is amazing, and you can stop taking it so damn seriously! lol If you’re going to be serious, then be serious about having fun all day. And when you feel shitty, it’s not a big deal, and when you feel good, that’s awesome but it’s still not a huge deal. And when you see that hot chick at the bar, don’t take it serious lol this is life, go have some fun, make a fool of yourself, we are all fucking weirdos anyways and that’s awesome.

Now, the reason this has helped me is because when I’m lying on my bed in the morning, with my laptop on my lap and I feel this massive urge to go to a porn site, I have already conditioned myself to not take those feelings of neeeeeeeding porn seriously, or even needing to fap. I just brush it off, laugh it off and move on with my day knowing that it is going to be pretty damn fun. I literally tell myself “don’t take this shit seriously” and start giggling like a 10 year old girl, then go back to my work knowing that my life is fucking golden. The key: don’t take those feelings of needing to fap seriously, like it’s the most important thing in life. Don’t take your school work seriously like there’s major consequences if you don’t do it. And guess what happens? You end up doing the school work because you actualllllly want to succeed and it’s fucking fun. It’s the most counter-intuitive shit ever but it has changed my life. Public speaking, approaching girls, making light conversation, going to the gym, not fapping etc. All these things have come together in magical ways over the past few months. I almost feel like this mindset is similar to the “I don’t give a fuck attitude” except for the fact that it’s not as serious as it. The “I don’t give a fuck attitude” is wayyyyy too intense for me lol

I hope you catch my drift guys, and I wish you all good luck. I wish I could write more about all of this, but there’s not enough space in one area. Maybe I’ll make a website outlining more examples and exercises you can do to stop taking your emotions and shit too seriously.

I’m off too start my amazing day at school. Yes at school, who the hell would have thought I loved school so much lol

LINK – Just Passed 100 days

by jamesallen182