Age 24 – 7 Months and I feel I’m finally in control!

So I’m not gonna go all into detail right now but I started my reboot in November 2013 and here I am today. I recently went 96 days in a row with no PMO although I had two peeks at porn and I MOed about once every 6-10 days during that time quick in the shower with no fantasy.

January 26th was a relapse. My withdrawal symptoms started February 27th and lasted until 3 days ago. ( I still have them but the last two days they have been pretty absent with only a little bit of them) I had a profile but I deleted it I felt it was to negative and I wanted to make a positive one. I feel like I’m a success because porn is not in control of me and I have control over my urges.

I used to watch hours of porn and orgasm multiple times when I had my sessions. And to go from that to have only 3 relapses to porn in over 100 days in a success in my mind. I had mild PIED and I know it’s cured because I was able to MO without fantasy and with a 100% erection.

So I wanted to stick around the website and give new guys some pointers and advice.

LINK – 7 Months and I feel I’m finally in control!!!

by NotoriousMike