Age 24 – 90 Day Report – Finally Growing Up

It’s been almost a year since I started NoFap. It has been very hard, and at first I couldn’t even imagine making it to a week, but here I am! Here are a few things I’d like to share. I hope I can give something back to this amazing community in this way. I divided it into two parts: ‘benefits’ and ‘helpful.’


Growing Up; I feel like I’m finally growing up; I used to hide from the world, just like a small child hiding behind her mothers skirts. Now I don’t hide anymore, not behind PMO or anything else. I don’t hide from myself, my desires or other people.

I am at the same time more relaxed and have tons more energy. I think this is natural, since I’m now a car driving along the highway on a full tank of gas, instead of sputtering on the last few drops. I understand myself better now, social anxiety is gone, because I feel whole and I don’t need anyone’s approval anymore. I don’t feel afraid or apprehensive anymore to go out there and do things; I formed a band, I asked a girl out, I felt emotions, I created stuff. My life stopped disintegrating, and now I am finally starting to build my future. I am finally back at the wheel, after nine years of absence.


NoFap by itself is already really powerful, but these are things that definitely helped me reap even more of the benefits:

  • Meditating (check out: Givemesomeheadspace)
  • Radical Undoing (check out: Command-Z)
  • Cold Showers
  • Audio books by ‘Jed McKenna’
  • These two books helped me understand myself better: The Introvert Advantage and The Highly Sensitive Person.
  • I noticed if I get the urge to edge or fantasize, but resist it, I get a lot of energy, enthusiasm and passion that I can channel into something creative.

I will end on this note: NOFAP FOR LIFE!

LINK – 90 Day Report – Finally Growing Up

by MulticoloredAngel


that was three years ago. Ah, it’s still online!

I came across this forum again and thought I’d write something up for you guys. 24 now. Started fapping around 11-12 I think, porn crept in over the next few years. Keeping your seed will get you more motivated to get after stuff in life, including girls. And the amazing thing is that you have almost all the girls for yourself, since most guys walk around in a daze, not motivated at all to approach girls. Girls really really appreciate it if you just walk up to them and can talk to them like a normal individual.

Nofap was not the end. It made me realize I was addicted to way more stuff. Almost everything in modern life is centered around making your little ego comfortable. Watch the movie 300, Fight Club, Peaceful Warrior. You’ll start to become aware of all your dysfunctions. Of course self-acceptance is important. But if you’d truly accepted yourself you wouldn’t need any addictions, I would say.

After the trigger, there is always a choice. Remember this. If someone offers you a cake, you can choose to take a piece or say ‘no thank you.’ When your addicted mind offers you a fapping session, you can easily say ‘no, but thanks!’ You are not your mind, it is your pet dog, your little baby brother. It is very excited about life but doesn’t know what is good for it yet. This is because it grew up in a society full of other pre-teen brothers and stray dogs. Look around you, most practically everybody is a long overdue twelve-year-old, hooked on the crack of his or her choice, be it fapping, smoking, food, gambling, blaming, validation, internet, the news, or all of that at once.

BE THE FUCKING ADULT IN THE ROOM. Say “fuck it, I’m sick of this shit, I’m gonna live a fucking awesome life and give the actual twelve year olds somebody to look up to!” Hedonism is based on a false premise, a premise of lack. Fapping won’t make you happy, sex with a supermodel won’t make you happy. Hell, even winning the fucking lottery won’t make you happy. All the drugs, wealth, beauty, fame and success can’t make you happy… ONLY YOU CAN. If you can’t be happy sitting still in an empty room, you can never be happy.

Happiness is a hard earned inner state, cultivated through meditation, self discipline and integrity to your ideals. Any worldly success that follows after this is merely a token for you. True success lies in self mastery, don’t let society tell you otherwise. And it all begins with awareness, the awareness that you have all the power you need inside you. The power to make a simple choice that will change everything, forever. Don’t fap my brothers, not to deny yourself anything, but to give yourself the gift of self-mastery; the only true gift there is.

LINK – THE SIMPLEST TRUTH (or ‘be the adult in the room’)