Age 24 – 90 day report. Life is a fight. The fire and will power is back.

After 90 days. All I can say is that life is a fight. Stop avoiding reality and go on to fix your shit. For example when I have challenges at work I sit and think how to solve it thinking nonstop. Will power is back indeed.

I still get rejected by women. It’s a real life changing slap that forces you to walk in reality of your situation to improve yourself. Of course in other cases the girl was wacky from the start so it’s time to look elsewhere. No more sinking in feelings for a girl I don’t have. Better to get rejected and move on ASAP. Nonetheless I have work to do. I guess the red pill is the next step in this part of my life. There will always be another girl. Don’t chase the girl. It always backfired on me.

Fitness is king. Regret being 24 and not realizing it before. Forget acting confident. A fit body radiates confidence. Also eat right.

Internal peace is important. No more dirty secrets to be ashamed of. Don’t be a fake hypocrite saying do good things when you have dirty thoughts in your mind.

Finally be ambitions. Go do something worthwhile. I’m fortunate to have resources to take risks in starting a company. I tried and failed a while back and the years flew by. I somehow fucked my life in all parts. I’m finally breaking a long depression period. About 3 years in a fucked state. I felt defeated and accepted mediocrity. At one point I was a beast but crashed and burned. Go big or go home. The fire and will power is back. Time to become a CEO man.

Nonetheless thank you random dudes on the internet machine. You were my support when I had no one.

LINK – 90 day report. Life is a fight.

by Kokoman007