Age 24 – 90 days ago I was depressed & unhappy: I feel like a new man every day.

Really, really. Thank you. The stories and advice I’ve gotten from this subreddit has really helped me change a lot of what I didn’t like about myself.

Only 3 months ago, I was depressed and generally unhappy with my life and my behavior. In the time since then after discovering NoFap, I’ve started doing things that I normally wouldn’t do or have put off. I regularly do workouts, do more productive work with my time, talk to more people and I am much happier with myself. I asked a girl out, and even though she turned me down (which sucks), I am amazed that I managed to even initiate. My old self would never had done that.

My daily habits are great; i used to wake up midday and waste hours, but now I wake as early as 8 with no alarm, then jump into a cold shower and walk out the door more alive than I ever was 3 months ago.

Thank you NoFap, I feel like a new man every day.

LINK – Thank you NoFap

by obyte