Age 24 – 90 days: life is much improved

I finally made it 90 days so here’s my journey. I’ve been pmoing for about the last 10 years. I’m currently 24 years old and never thought twice about this daily activity. Since I was younger I always had access to the internet and would pmo almost every day after school.

I never realized that the act was negatively affecting my life.

One day I was on youtube which I watch daily a fell apon a video by a guy named “gold jacket luke” about masturbation. He basically summed up what is on Right after viewing his video I went right to ybop and watched all the videos and I realized they were talking about me. I slowly have became bored with regular porn and was watching things that actually disgusted me! Never having any idea of what dopamine was. With masturbation being such a socially acceptable thing I’ve never thought of it as a bad thing. That day I told myself I was done with porn.

I was never a loner I had a girlfriend for multiple years throughout high school and dated others after that. Looking back I see how it brought down my relationships I would only see women as an obstacle and sex was the only thing I wanted.

So let me sum up my 90 days:

First two weeks – The first two weeks I felt an extreme boost in my testosterone. At the gym I felt amazing and my results were great. It was hard to avoid but I would just stay away from the computer distract myself with other things. Just remove yourself from the situation you usually pmo or find triggers.

Next 6 weeks – FLATLINE this was the worst it felt like someone had “pulled the plug” my little man felt lifeless and dead it was scary! I kept reading posts about the flatline to keep me encouraged that I was gonna come out of it. And I did! Had my first wet dream in years and it was amazing then I felt back to normal. So please don’t give in the flatline will end.

Last 4 weeks – had about three more wet dreams and would go to this forum I was able to keep chugging to 90 days!

How it benefited me-

  • I believe this is something you must want to do and believe that you are going to be better because of it. If you go in doubting yourself you will not succeed I promise you if I can do it so can you.
  • I stopped wasting my days pmoing then napping and laying around feeling tired.
  • I started to read books
  • I got my real estate license
  • I also started teaching classes at the gym. All things I always said “I wanted to do” now I did them.

I am very open with people so I told almost all my friends I was doing this challenge. Almost all of them laughed or argued with me. Telling me it was stupid not good for my health. Or they would say it’s impossible. Although I got all that backlash I felt obligated to tell others because of how much it has positively affected my life. My one friend did join along and he recently got a great paying full time job and found some much more time to work on himself. I also look at no fap as just the beginning of my journey as a new and improved person. This is just the start to the best life possible!

Please please please guys just stick with it if I can do it so can you! If you have any questions feel free to shoot me an email. Remember guys stay strong once you give this up you will find the amazing things life has to offer!

LINK – My 90 day journey

BY – Stvesports22