Age 24 – Abstaining from PMO wasn’t the magical cure for me.

For me, abstaining from masturbation and pornography wasn’t the magical cure that some people made it out to be. I feel like at first there was a ‘honeymoon’ period where I was high on life, excited that I was giving the NoFap challenge a go, and constantly on the lookout for signs that would confirm all the things people were saying.

Things were great, for about three weeks, and then I started feeling really down. I began noticing how dull my life was: I didn’t have any deep connections with the people around me, my social skills and body language were terrible (especially eye contact), and I was always anxious around other people. I realized that I was using masturbation and porn as an escape from reality; if I had any inkling of these feelings before, I would simply wait until my house was empty, rub one out, and pretend my life was great. It was a miserable existence.

Without masturbation to help deal with my issues, I was forced to acknowledge that my life was shit. But the more I thought about my issues, the more I considered trying to deal with them, and they magically started to solve themselves. I can’t say that all of my problems are solved, but I’m definitely a better human being than I was before.

If you’re new to NoFap, all I would like to say is: only treat NoFap as a tool to help you get better, and have faith in yourself, because you’re stronger than you think you are. If the urge becomes too great and you feel yourself about to loose control, just remember the words of Dalton from the movie Roadhouse: “It’ll get worse before it gets better.”

LINK – Update after 60 days of NoFap

by SoquidSnake

UPDATE April, 2015

I’ve been doing NoFap for about half a year now, and I love the way it’s affected my life. I have so much more free time, I’m more productive, and my mind is clearer than it’s ever been.

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