Age 24 – Almost half a year: Perspective of someone who wasn’t addicted


Was masturbating to porn one day back in October last year and thought to myself that it couldn’t be healthy. So I searched online and found NoFap. Read all night and was completely convinced. Started  immediately and never looked back. No “relapses” since.

  • 24-year-old male
  • 172 days
  • No porn and masturbation
  • All-in on semen retention trying not to ejaculate during sex
  • Ejaculated twice in this period though
  • No wet dreams whatsoever

Started lifting weights, doing yoga, eating a plant-based diet, taking cold showers, limiting alcohol consumption (sometimes going out sober), biking instead of taking the bus, taking stairs instead of elevators, learning another instrument, writing songs, having fun on duolingo, writing a book on the meaning of life (almost finished), travelled and quit the anti-depressives I was taking for sleep/anxiety. About to hand in my thesis. Also about to get my invisalign braces that I was putting off for a long time.

I have to be honest. NoFap has been quite easy. I wasn’t addicted. I was pretty happy before, so I wasn’t fapping to escape. At worst, it was a way to fall asleep if I was a little stressed. But the energy. Holy shit, the energy. Most of the things mentioned above would have never happened if it weren’t for NoFap. Especially not all at once. When the so-called “urges” hit, I just feel horny, which feels amazing. It doesn’t make we want to fap, it just makes me want to work out or go chat up girls. If I could choose to feel that sexual energy all day every day, I would.

NoFap created an insatiable lust for self-improvement that was rooted in content happiness. It was (and is) coming from a place where I know that I am enough, so I am doing all of this for the fun of it.

Confidence is through the roof. Definitely wittier. Teasing people. Closer to the full beard. Been trying to expand my vocal range upwards and NoFap seemed to set me back a little in that regard so I believe the deep voice effect.

I’ve spent a lot of time on this sub, so I thought I would give back some motivational anecdotes. Perhaps add to the “evidence” that we all try to gather as we browse through this sub.

Again, I wasn’t addicted. I know most of you here have it a lot harder. For all the new fapstronauts, know that it most certainly is possible to start NoFap and never look back. Make sure your resolve is strong. Know your why.

Wish ya all the best!

LINK – Almost half a year: Perspective of someone who wasn’t addicted

by muslivega