Age 24 – Better sleep, I am finally able to focus, I have started experiencing a distinctly calmer and more relaxed outlook on life

Hey everybody!

I have played around with NoFap numerous times throughout the last 2 years, but this is the first time I have actually been quite successful. So, I have decided to share my experiences in case there is anyone out there like me who might benefit from technique.

I decided to do a experiment and combine NoFap with intermittent fasting + regular high-intensity workouts, and the results are staggering. I began noticing some drastic, positive and much needed changes to my life.

I started small and decided to do NoFap with a set goal of only 5 days. (if you are like me, start slow, don’t go crazy and say I am going do 30 or 90 days) At first, I messed up already after the third day. But after succeeding with the cycle a couple of times, I gained confidence and my body got accustomed to the habit. This is where my story begins, the cycle made me start noticing the changes NoFap can bring to my life. It made me stop thinking about abstinence as a constant never-ending struggle, rather I began seeing it as a potent tool that every man has in his arsenal. It is was ultimately this that allowed me to go beyond the 5 days and literally not look back or even think twice about it. Since this point, I have experienced 5 big changes:

1. My circadian rhythm has significantly improved. This is so refreshing, it makes me feel alive. Today, I woke at 7 and decided to take the dog for a walk on the beach (I live in Sweden, and it is currently winter).

2. I am finally able to focus. I actually sit down and do the work I know I need to do (It was a really long time ago that I felt this disciplined)

3. When looking at new pictures of me, my face appears noticeably less bloated. My body fat percentage has probably decreased by 2%. However, I attribute this completely to my dieting. But then again, I do not think that I would have achieved that without the power I gained through NoFap.

4. The biggest change, however, is that I have started experiencing a distinctly calmer and more relaxed outlook on life. I believe this is due to an increase in my testosterone levels and me learning to let go of things that are outside of control. I have recently been quite depressed, and I can honestly say that today I feel so fucking happy that my depressions is fading. Cannot describe how important this is to me.

5. My dreams have become much more vivid, and kind of bizarre/abstract. However, I think this is mostly due to the fact that I started experimenting with Zink/magnesium supplementation.

Hope this might serve some inspiration for someone. let me know if you have any questions.

The best, polk43

LINK – The five day cycle

by polk43