Age 24 – Biggest change: I see girls, everywhere. Also, first date in 3 years

90 days ago I started this journey, more than often, always failing at some point, resetting the badge time after time. Now I finally can say I did it, although this is not an end. It’s just the start to a new way of life.

I found like so many of you awesome people, that the first half is the toughest. I thought that this calm state of mind would never come but somewhere around day 45 the calmness set in and it realy was quite and easy journey from then on. The crazy cravings, the blue balls and your mind telling you ‘ah just 1 fap’ all off that will go away and you can feel your strong brain, the real you, getting its power back and simply saying; No.

One thing I read when I started was all the ‘superpowers’ people gained. Everyone is different, but I dont feel that different from before. There are some big changes but I dont see that as some massive superpower.

The biggest change there is; Girls

They are everywhere!

One of the best posts I read from one of you guys said: ‘its not that they started to notice you, its that you start noticing them’

This is true in every way, I never was a shy guy when it came to talking to girls but Im no cassanova. I would never flirt with a girl and would not know when one was flirting with me!

Maybe this is the only superpower Ive gained, picking up and sending out signals to girls. Im 24 and in the last 6 years before nofap, I’ve slept with 3 girls…

During my short nofap period I talked to more strange girls then I ever did before, ended up with more new phone numbers then in all those years and ended up waking up next to a beautiful woman 2 times! Both of them confident, fun and older then me, 4 and 8 years older.

I have no issues with age differences, I think its how you ‘click’ with each other that matters and not the age, but I think it does show that these confident woman found me attractive, something like that just didnt happen before nofap.

Something else happend, a (girl) friend of mine said to me after having a nice long talk with her; ‘everytime I see you I get all fuzzy and warm inside’ and made some obvious remarks she was into me. She is in a long term relationship with some guy and although Im not into her it sort of felt good to hear that. Another experience that has never happend before nofap to me…

Besides the magnificent things that are called girls, I think the best thing is just the calmness in my mind. No crazy porn thoughts, no shame after that one last fap and no need to clear your internet surf history!

I read that a lot of guys get super into new sports and hobbies and stuff like that. I like just to continue living like I did, sure I picked up my guitar more and started exercising more, but thats a logical cause of nofap. Youve got to keep yourself busy and your mind away from that computer. Once you get bored and youve got nothing to do, thats when the urges come.

So no fantastic new hobby, no massive abs and strong musscles, no meditation and zen master for me. Just enjoying life like before, with a beer and my ps3 but now knowing there is a smoking hot chick waiting for me in the other room 😉

Good luck my interweb friends, just know it does get better.

Why do we fall? To get back up again.

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by skybound22