Age 24 – Cognitive effects astounding, no more anxiety attacks, concentration is pure

Background: 24, M, college educated, currently in graduate school. Natural Bodybuilder (No steroids, diuretics, testosterone boosters. etc)

I started fapping since I was 12 to MTV spring break promos and slowly but surely moved to high quality hardcore. I realize that porn was my fake cure-all drug. If I was anxious, nervous, lonely, depressed, scared, or even bored, fapping was the first action I would take. 9 weeks into no PMO, my brain literally feels like it is breaking up with all the women I masturbated too. I loved the women I watched in porn.

Behind a computer screen, they were always there for me. These girls gave me instant intimacy and could never judge me, laugh at me, talk behind my back, gossip to their girlfriends about how creepy I was whenever I tried to flirt, and of course, gave me instant sex.

Behind the computer screen, I did not have to take any risks, undergo fear of rejection, and didnt have to force myself to socialize. My major withdrawal symptom besides depression is that I feel like I am missing something in my life. Masturbation and pornography was such a time-consuming activity that kept me elevated for hours. I would go on long binges that gave me an extraordinary high. Cruising through the newest porn videos and selecting multiple tabs gave me an infinite amount of opportunities to procreate.

I felt like a king with gorgeous female slaves to do my bidding. Without these addictive opportunities, my brain needs to readjust to the fact that I will no longer have 30 sexual partners a day.

On the other hand, the cognitive effects of no PMO have been astounding. I am not having any more anxiety attacks or panic breakouts that I used to have. Motivation is high, concentration is as clear as the purest crystal on Earth. Thoughts are no longer racing through me, I am calm and more thoughtful of my actions. Is my life perfect? Not even close. Moments make me sad, moments make me happy, but this is the river of life. It is better to confront every issue than to mask it behind a computer screen of flesh and sexual exploits.

LINK – 63 days and counting. Thoughts from a bodybuilder on this crazy journey of NoFap.

by Zeusss



UPDATE – Its been 2 years. Started when I was 24, now 26. You open your mind up to a whole new world. Dreams have become a reality. warning: Long Post

I’ve posted here 2 years ago and forgot the account so I made a new one. (my old post that made it onto YBOP!)

I want to start out by saying that all the benefits that people post here have been true in my case. I used to be a SERIOUS fapper until 24 (I’m talking upwards of 10-15x a day, thanks high speed internet and living alone in an apartment). Remaining abstinent from porn and fapping leads to positive effects that people usually list, including increased willpower, better skin, better pheromone smell, magnetic personality…just RAW sexual power effusing from your pores that gives you an ALPHA aura. I’m a big believer in perception of the subconscious, and I truly do believe that when you stop watching porn, your brain, body and soul adapt to the lack of the virtual harem and increase your magnetism. You will hear a sexier timbre in your voice, you will have better posture, your willpower will increase, and you just become COOLER. It’s hard to explain unless you experience it. If you were an excessive fapper like me (I would go on crazy binges, at least 10-15x a day…. what do you want from me, I lived in an apartment by myself), then the more upside there will be to this noFAP endeavor.

However, be warned, your dreams and goals and accomplishments will probably come true as they have for me. In the past two years, I have dated many gorgeous women (thank you newfound self-discipline and work ethic), got accepted to medical school (who knew you would study more without being distracted by porn every 20 minutes), learned how to box (all that time watching porn can be funneled into another creative outlet), and I say this in all humility, I probably have one of the best physiques you will ever see (increased willpower to diet, more time to listen to podcasts like joerogan talk about nutrition and working out, more self-discipline).

Life sounds amazing right? Be warned, for every level there is another devil. Life isn’t a fairytale, and it is far from perfect. Not everyone will be along for the ride. I had to cut off many toxic relationships from best friends due to jealousy and resentment. It’s painful when your closest friends from the past don’t want to see you do better than them. It sucks when your success attracts envy and not positive energy from your closest relationships. You will go through the pains of life without the crutch of your old ways. There will be times that suck that make you wish you never started this journey. Just remember, when all HELL is breaking loose around you, it’s just you evolving and becoming better for the next level ahead.

Also, my initial withdrawal symptoms were H-O-R-R-I-B-L-E to say the least. I started getting bald spots within the first few weeks from the stress and had to see a dermatologist, who diagnosed me with alopecia. I had to get painful cortisol shots around the patchy areas but they grew back in a couple months. Sucked for my social life during that time. I remember her asking me if I went through some kind of emotional trauma, like a death in a family. I didn’t have the heart to tell her it was because of the sudden lack of high resolution porn. What else did I experience? Cold sweats, sleepless nights, feelings of emptiness (no more perfect porn star girls to fap with, oh no!)

For every level is another devil is the motto. Believe it or not, becoming more attractive actually becomes a problem. At first it’s awesome, I loved the attention. Now, its actually pretty annoying. People begin to objectify you and you begin to wonder who your real friends are. You will have an increased sexual aura, and not all the attention you receive is positive or wanted. Although the attention from other attractive people is nice, there are SO MANY weirdos and creeps in this world. Not to mention ALOT of haters from people who are comfortable in their dysfunction.

All in all, I don’t want to sound like I’m in an existential crisis or come off as a crazy street preacher. I am giving fair warning. The journey will break you. It will make you evolve out of your fapping shell and expose you to another reality, whether you are ready or not. You will have to learn how to navigate in a more complex environment because you have opened your mind up to a whole new dimension of life that porn so conveniently disabled for so long. It’s really akin to waking up from the matrix. And like Neo, you will grow and become strong but you will have to shoulder new burdens and responsibilities that comes with your superpowers. I bet sometimes he wished he took the other pill, cause we all know his life wasn’t perfect, even if he was a god in the Matrix… but if he did take the other pill, there wouldn’t have been such good movies right? ;).

Not gonna lie to you, sometimes I wish I was back in the porn matrix when the going gets tough. Life is simpler when your a caterpillar. You don’t have flight capability. You can just chill on a leaf and be good. But if you choose to morph into the butterfly, you will fly and go places you never could as a caterpillar. On the flip side, life will hit you harder. There’s more dangers when you fly and explore then when you just stay in your room and fap away. With the highest of highs can come the lowest of lows on this incredible journey. But then again, progress is NEVER up and up and up. There will be dips and valleys that will test your mettle and strengthen you in ways you never thought. You will become the superhero of your own movie of life, and superheros never have easy problems. Thats why they’re superheros!

I’ve had to deal with many, many issues throughout this journey to achieve my dreams and accomplish my goals. And I wouldn’t change it for the world. I love you all. Be good to others. Let your dreams become a reality and navigate accordingly. If all hell breaks loose around you, be thankful, because you are getting prepped for the next step in your evolution.